Aliso Wood SoCA 9:00 Saturday 2/21

If anyone is interested I am riding Aliso Wood this Saturday at about 9:00. Planning to ride Cholla - TOW - Rockit or Mathis.

I was thinking about getting a ride together this weekend. Sounds good. I am just coming off knee surgery so am slow and carefull, but excited to ride again. Been out a couple times.
Are you starting at Canyon Vistas Park?

How long a ride is it? Are you willing to take beginner muni riders?

I am starting at Canyon Vista Park. Maybe with you recovering I’ll be able to keep up this time. I am all for taking it easy and keeping it fun. I am also mtbing at the Luge tonight at 5:30 if you are interested.

Every skill level is welcome - I still walk big sections of Aliso - my guess is that it is a bout 5 or 6 miles but there are choices so we can lengthen or shorten by how we feel.

I’m about 50-50 for making it tomorrow. If I’m not there by 9:05, leave with out me.

if i had seen this before just now i probably would have gone. You shoundn’t post so close to the actual ride.

Yeah Jim (Munivision) had called to tell me about the ride a couple days ago. I couldn’t make it because I was in Simi Valley with a documentary film maker. Quite fun and more tomorrow! :smiley: And the camera was like this, and I want one! :slight_smile:

hd sony.jpg