Aliso ride 10.3.08

Jamey, Jim, Tim and me met this morning at Aliso woods for a blast of a MUni ride! We met a great group of women mtbers, and one even let me roll hop over her! Lucky I made it lol. Here are some pics. Jamey took some too and will add them here later. Too bad I forgot that my camera was set to the lowest resolution, but oh well, at least they load fast! :slight_smile:







Pretty nifty you guys, next time i want to see Jamie 180 that set :smiley:


Thanks for the ride. it was fun. My coworker did not know what a unicycle is. Now she knows.:smiley:

What a great ride!! I want to ride with Insane Elaine sometime(that is who Terry jumped over)

Yeah she was cool. Hey Jamey, WHERE ARE YOUR PICS?:slight_smile:

Also, Jim, see the Sunday Coker thread; we have lots of confirmed riders…except you haven’t confirmed yet! let us know asap.

i wish i didn’t have school.:frowning:

Yeah I asked a teacher to go with us today, and she said she couldn’t because she had class all week, so I said: “ok, why don’t you call me when you have no class.”:stuck_out_tongue:
(Thats’ from an old Rodney Dangerfield movie: “back to school”.)

Ya, great ride guys! Should we do it again this Friday?! I have some good pics I’ll post when I get home.

Riding uphill at Alsio Wood

I have started a couple of threads asking about riding uphill but didn’t know how to compare the difficulty of the hills I had attempted to ride. I know Jamey can ride up Cholla but can all of you? I find it challenging, but doable to ride from the top of Cholla to the top of Rock-it - anything steeper and I am walking. If you can all ride much steeper trails how long did it take you to “get it”.

It takes both endurance and skill and I don’t know which it takes more of. The longer the cranks usually the easier it is to climb up steep sections. I currently use 165’s and they seem to work great. I’ll eventually switch to 150’s one of these days…

I have now climbed Cholla 3 times with no dismounts and Manthis once with no dismounts (and on my first try!). I was pretty stoked about that. As for technique, I just go slow and steady. If it’s really steep you kind of have to do a half a revolution, stop and re-position, then do another half a revolution, stop and re-position, etc. But if you can just keep cranking up it then it’s a lot less effort as you use the momentum to keep you going. Then of course if it’s rocky, you might have to jump here and there to get up. Hope that helps. Besides that it’s just practice practice practice!!

I think I have the technique to make the same climbs, and I’m very proficient at half revs and repositioning and all that. And I also have good stamina and lung capacity. And a big factor is how you’re feeling on a particular day and how much hard riding you may have done in the days just prior.

I also believe that age is a factor, and a very experienced rider in there 20’s is just simply going to have an edge over someone nearly 53, no matter how fit that older person might be. Another factor is also my MUni setup. Instead of 165mm like Jamey, I have 150mm cranks and a LM rim, so not only do I have less leverage for the steep climbs, but a heavier rig to do it on.

So, here’s my idea. I will do this same ride again with you guys, but this time I’ll use my Orange '05 KH MUni with the standard rim and 165mm cranks. I may have better results. With this similar type setup, I was able to make it all the way up one of the very steepest sections, (I dubbed “heart attack hill”) leading up to the beginning of Mathis, while others could not. And that was over a year ago. Plus, I won’t do a 15 mile coker ride, and a 9+ mile MUni ride just prior, like last time, lol! I’m fired up to try this again!:smiley:

Lol:D ↓

no bikes.bmp (116 KB)

OK, here are some of the good pics I got…







I’m ready to go again Friday! Anyone that can join us should. I may have to see a couple patients first thing in the am, but should be cooler so a later start should be okay.

What time did you have in mind? I’m giving a Uni lesson this friday sometime between 9-10am, and I’m not sure how long I’ll be there, so if we could do a 3-4pm start that would be awesome! And I’ll bring my other, lighter KH MUni with the 165’s. :slight_smile:

If you make it 4:00, I could make it and I would certainly like to meet you guys. Although I will be walking a bit more than you.


I’m good with 4pm! Plus, it will be way better for those of us (probably only me) who has to drive 80 miles roundtrip, so when we finish, likely around 6:30-7pm, which is perfect, traffic won’t be so bad. :slight_smile:

4pm works for me if it works for Jamey. That could mean pizza after and beverages, adult and otherwise:D

wow, Terry that looks like fun I wish New York had more rocky trails here it’s all muddy a tree-ey

That makes “3 for 4” so far! :smiley:

Fun yes, and very, VERY challenging climbs! (At least for us mere humans!) :o