Alien Backflip

What’s everyone’s opinion on the alien backflip? I hear it’s really good for flat would you agree with that?

Well the Black Domina 2 line (alien backflip, green spirit, black domina 2) Should all really be could for flat, If you are going to do street you may want a KH 20" OR if it is light street, upgrade the alien backflip with a reinforced hub. The only part of the unicycle that I am not sure about is the frame, the first black domina was meant for flat, but the #2 is reinforced. It is just new and I have not heard of anyone breaking it yet (I am sure some of the Koxx-one team has)… The cranks are also really good for flat. I would say If you are going to do flat (and have the money) get this unicycle (but with a reinforced hub for light street…)

I haven’t rode it yet so don’t only go by my post…

well I’m not gunna buy a alien backflip because im not super intrested in flat, im just asking what it’s like, im getting a KH20 in a little while.

So this thread is kinda pointless. Why do you want to know about it if you’re not interested in flat? :thinking: :roll_eyes:

what do people think about the seat as i might be getting one:D

The seat looks cool…

I saw in Krisis Team Blog a pic of a Broken Alien BF… I’m not shure… I will find their Blog :smiley:

where can it be bought?

i might be getting mine of unicycle .germany but postage is really xpensive to Australia which is lame:(

Postage is actually pretty cheap compared to other countries. And when you buy from Germany you don’t have to pay tax of 19%.

And why do you think Roland (owner of MDC) has the Alian Backflip in stock?
I don’t see it in the online shop…

i heard in the grape vine they may start carrying koxx-one stuff…

I heard that they allready carry Koxx One stuff, but not all the stuff Koxx One has.

Is there a place in the UK that stocks Koxx’s clothing and stuff? Some of the stuff it quite cool, but I would rather buy from the UK. It would be cheaper (and quicker) to post for a start!

Tarty bikes has some cool
koxx tops and jackets and some koxx 1 stuff.

They have some all right stuff on tarty bikes, but not the hoody I wanted :frowning: Oh well. And have you seen the price of the Koxx devils! They’re £265! :astonished: !

not realy that much more.

edit: QUOTED wrong person sorry


how is the alien for trials riding, and how tough is the rim?

Mine is pretty good haven’t broken anything on it yet except a seat, a seat post, and some nipples, but thats expected. Its a great uni except i would prefer some KH parts over Koxx.
Ohh and BTW seat I broke was KH (plate) and the post was a Nimbus cromo (just bent). Upgrade to CF when you break your seat!