Alien Backflip frame and various parts

I’ve got a few things to get rid of here…

(1) a pair of Tryall pedals like these in black. Never used or mounted. $20

(2) an Alien Backflip frame. Ridden one day, beat up a little on the bottom of one of the bearing holders from a couple of crank grabs, but that’s all. (the bearing holder can be turned around so it’s on the inside and can’t be seen). A roughly stripped double-bolt KH clamp comes along for free.:slight_smile: $140

(3) a Tryall seatpost, 27.2 of course. 250 mm, looks like, one day’s use. $15

(4) a Tryall tire with a good 50% of the tread left. It’s been used quite a bit and shows it. $20

(5) an old Tryall rim, powder coated white (somewhat amateurly) with about 20 cracks in the second wall and a little bit of a flat spot… $4.25 plus shipping :roll_eyes:

All prices CAD, obo and not including shipping.

I have an 07 KH frame that I might sell instead of the Alien if I get a really good offer.

Where in ontario are you?

about 20 minutes west of Kitchener.


Price drop…

Tryall pedals-$15
Alien frame-$125
Tryall seatpost-$10
Tryall tire-$10

Fourth post in a row! Ack! :astonished: I’d like these gone, though. (This would be a good way to spend Christmas money, think ye not?:p)