Alex Romero-Summer 2013

Just a quick video a made testing out effects with my video editing software. I hope you guys enjoy like it.

Cool video

nice job… how many rotations did u get on the last spin ?

Thanks:) I had a lot of fun making the video. The last spin I did in the whole video? or the last unispin I did in the video? The last spin I did in the whole video was a treyflip, and the last unispin I did in the video was a 720.

It all looks very solid and effortless (except the 720 :p). I know flatland is about doing hard tricks, but it’s definitely easier on the eyes when the tricks are done well. Good job.

Thanks I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: Haha I know that 720 was a bit sketchy, I was happy to land it, it has been a while since I landed one:D

By far the best vid I’ve seen w/ one camera angle (cool editing).

The different colored pedals makes it a bit easier to tell it was a 720.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I was pleased with how the video came out for not having too many camera angles, it wasn’t nearly as slow a repetitive as I thought it would be.