Alex rim colors

I’ve seen pictures of Alex ALDX32 rims that are yellow. Was the rim just painted or do they come in different colors? UDC says they only come in black but that could mean they just don’t carry the other colors.

they were powdercoated. you can either do it yourself, which is hard, or send what you want to be powdercoated to Darren Bedford and he’ll do it for cheap(ish, kinda).

The worst of it would be unbuilding and rebuilding the wheel.

But it’d totally be worth it.

Because Darren takes the stickers off the rim, has it done, then re-applys the stickers so it looks like it was meant to be a different colour!!

…get Darren to set you up with whatever colour you please. Gotta love powdercoated wheels:

muni orange flames.jpg

You can always anodize them yourself. It’s not that difficult, and gives a cool result. Google home anodizing for more info.

Yellow is their standard 26" rim colour as far as I know.

Thanks guys I would love a powdercoated rim but I just ordered trials cycle with ALDX32 rim from Darren. My wallet is empty. I just wanted to know if it was a standard option I could request with no extra charge.

Here is the link to some pictures of powder coated hubs-rims-frames for reference…

Here are a couple other links as well…


From Darren it’s $25 to powdercoat it black, and $35 to powdercoat it Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue. I think the prices are in Canadian.