Alex DX32 @

I just noticed that now has the Alex DX32 rim in both 24" and 26" sizes. Sweet! When I ordered one through my local bike shop they had a difficult time finding a US distributor that carried the 24" DX32. Being able to get it through will be much easier than trying to custom order it from a bike shop.


Yeah, I saw that to. It came to late for me. Oh well, the Avro Zum is working fine.


Quality Bicycle Products - a popular bike parts wholesaler - now stocks the Alex DX32 rim. My local bike shop ordered one for me a couple weeks ago so any bike shop should have no problem getting them now. However, I paid $45 for mine as opposed to $39 from Oh well …

I’m waiting for spokes to arrive so I can lace it up with a home-brew hub.

Steve Howard