alex dx 32 19" tyres

i need a new tyre for my dx 32 apart from the luna are there any other tyres that will fit it?i think mojo flame tyre was cool but i need this uni for a little bit of muni so it would be a bit impracticle.
also they need to be in the uk as i am not pay loads for postage as i can get the luna’s in my local bike shop.i would like this tyre for muni/trials/street trials

mojo’s flame tyre sorry

Monty and Onza make 20x2.5" tyres which will fit 19" Alex DX32 rims. can supply these tyres. See

Re: alex dx 32 19" tyres

Help! I’m looking for a less aggressive, maybe maxxis-type tire to
replace a rather nice but much too knobby Luna. Where do I go to find
a swell, cushy indoor tire, say in a 2.5 or larger width, that’ll fit
my Alex DX 32 rim?

Four local bike shops, all of 'em in my now snow-bound state of North
Dakota, can’t help me. And I’ve had absolutely ‘zippo-luck’ searching
for a smooth tire that’ll fit my Alex DX 32-19 rim whilst browsing the
web. (I’d really like to ride this muni-o-mine indoors for a while,
and so am very eager to find a more linoleum-friendly tire. Can you
direct me to a source? Thanks! --carl

I dont think anyone makes a slick 19" trials tire.

Some tires are better/ worse for thier marking ability, I can say that the Monty White line is not one of these, I think the Luna and Onza tires are better for this but have no experience riding on them. has a few choices in trials tires, also check out

Chex carries the Echo tire. Basically the same as the monty but a little smaller.

Re: alex dx 32 19" tyres

On 5 Nov 2003 15:01:20 -0800, (Carl
Barrentine) wrote:

>I’d really like to ride this muni-o-mine indoors for a while

Can’t help you with the tyre. But you might consider replacing the
pedals as well, most MUni pedals aren’t very floor-friendly.

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I have a monty trials tire and have riden it in a gym a couple of times. It works fine and you can get one at