Alex DM32

is the 24 ich on good for a 1.75 tire?

Please answer, I’d like to order it sometime tonight…or soon. I need it done by the 27th (that includes installation).

I’ve never heard of it. Why don’t you buy it and tell us how good it is.

32? 24. What the hell was I thinking. Don’t I feel like an idiot (yes I do).

i can’t find it link would be nice

You mean DX32? I have the 19" version and that is great. Have only heard good things about Alex rims. I would have thought it would be ok for a 1.75-2.25 though it depends on the frame size too.

Yeah dx32s rock more then likely the most used unicycle rim in trials and muni now.

That one, I don’t expect much for 19 bucks, but if it’s better than the standard Torker CX 24, that’s all that matters.

Ah, well it is an Alex and as I said, I have only experienced and heard good things. Only £19? Go for it!

Yeah, Dm 24’s are good rims. They arent necisarily great for off roading, becuase of their relatively thin nature, but they can take the abuse of off road riding and trials. at least some abuse of that nature. I’d recommend them for sure.