Alethes Frame Pics

hopr this works. If it does this is a picture that i made using Solid Works and jasc Paint shop. It’s a redition of the Alethes “A” Logo that I have been toying with.

My Trials Uni

This is a profile shot of my trials uni. The Rim is a Arrow, Hub is profile, Thomson seatpost, Salsa Seat post collar, CF Air seat with rail adapter and kinport hoandles.


This is the frame laying on a table. the table is laquered wood, the frame is powdercoated aluminum. The threaded holes you see are where the set screws go to add traction to the large flat foot platforms on the crown.

frame again

Another shot of the frame. there’s those holes again… from this veiw you can see the single weld seam on the inside of the leg.


Guess i should have made these a bit smaller… hope you all can see them alright. I’ll start a gallery soon, but just wanted to get these up. I know some people were interested to see what the frames look like with a finish.

Beautiful welds. That’s a great looking frame, well done!

Bring on the 24".

  • Frank

Just another pic… this will probably become the front of a black t shirt.

Is that a non-post by Mr. Nuts?

My reply was going to say:

I think the A logo has alot of potential. The top is a bit heavy compaired to the bottom and I think the bevel on it could use a bit more exageration to make it more defined.

The Shirt logo is nice and clean but I think the glare might be a little much on the A. This goes for the A logo too maybe lighten the opacity on it?


That is one sweet frame!!
What kind of pedals are those on that black beauty?

I agree with chex about the logo. The large one is a bit hard to see. The contrast between the raised part and the background should be more defined. Other then that, I like the shape and a bit of tweaking will make it look a lot better.


thanks for the opinions on the logo…
i was pretty satisfied with the shape of the A. the background circle was added on a whim. i was trying to design a stick on stamped badge, like alot of bikes have on their headtubes. The photo shop version with the light flash wasn’t for a shirt or anything, i just thought it looked cool. The black and white logo for the shirt looks really neat. when it’s done I’ll add it to this post. And I like the “Alethes” written in old english with the flash. I think it causes an obvious unbalance and i like it. It looked to boring without it. I could lighten it up a bit though and see what it looks like.

The pedals on there right now are just some generic specialized bmx platforms… I just bought a pair of odyssey magnesium pedals that are really light and look nice. I took them apart and i’m getting rid of all the casting flash and machining a little bit off here and there just cause i feel like it. this will make the pedal weaker when doing crank grabs and stuff, but it’s too cold out for any urban riding anyway… I’m not that hardcore. I’ve just been practicing little stuff in my aparment. the people that live below me don’t like me very much.

oh god…sooo nice…

Looks good

aletheslogocircle2[1] copy.jpg


Semper_uni - nice looking frame - sorry for my ognorance but whats the history - did you make it - whats the plan, a one off or production line - what about a 24" - how strong is it etc etc etc etc.



The detailed history can be found by searching for my name, “mike Pritchett” or maybe just “Pritchett” Most of the threads i’ve started have involved the processes behind the final product…

About a month or two ago a thread was started titled “amazing new trials frame”. This was started by One of my “testers” and has alot of questions and answers about different aspects of the design. two of the riders featured in Universe 2 are currently riding my frames and giving me feedback.

This is the third revision to my original design and with some very minor changes it should be going into production within a couple of weeks.

The frames will be available in 20" trials version and a 24 inch muni version with brake mounts and clearance for a gazzolodi tire.

I will be selling the frames direct from my soon to be established website for around 250 a peice, US.

Each frame is hand made out of 6061 t6 aluminum and they are very strong. I have been making each prototype design in batches of five, so efficient production in medium quantities was considered throughout the frames development.

The small changes that will be made on the production frames are based on Finite element analysis and will make the frame stronger and a little bit lighter by getting rid of some material where it is not needed and thickening the sheet metal used the fabricating the legs.

Two questions

What size bearings does the frame take?

I tried looking up Alethes in my encyclopedia and came up dry. Can you share whuts the origin of the name and how do you pronounce it?

…and what is the distance between them ?

Leo White