Alerting people to a great CDK offer!

€250 for a Triton Triple.

I just ordered mine. CDK are great people. Romain has helped me so much.

Highly recommended.

For a Triton frame this is a steal methinks!

Europe based uni fanatics go buy :slight_smile:

Best balance :smiley:

The ones in the picture look like KH frames? :thinking:

Yep, but go to the options selector and you can choose a Triple Triton for €250! :slight_smile: I’m not joking, 200-250 euros discount!

I am waiting for mine. The text says the frames have maybe a little scratch or two. The triton here was ridden a few times but is in excellent condition.

Tempted?? :wink:

You may have gotten the only one.
The last line of the frame discriptions is:

Triton frame is titanium. I used it a few times … It is in very good condition! It is 250 euros.

Sounds like he only had 1 Triton…Lucky you.

Maybe, mine’s already been shipped and I’m already impatiently tracking it on GLS.
I believe CDK adjust their stock once something has shipped. At least they did when I bought the last Surly LM 24" they had. It went very quickly from available to not.

Hence my posting it here for someone to nab a nice “cheap” triton :wink:


The Triple Triton option isn’t greyed out (Unlike many of the other options) So I guess they’re still in stock! :astonished:

I would be tempted, if they made a 36"/29" version… :smiley:

Awesome deal though!

this is for second hand or new but with some scratches