alert! watch out for chicken wings.

so today i was riding around southbank and i jumped a 5 set, landed on a half eaten chicken wing and slid out onto my back and shoulders and jarred my neck. so unicyclists, beware of half eaten chicken. its slippery as hell.

This post needs to made into a sticky at the top of the board!

how do you make it a sticky?

a moderator has to do it for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

i was working with my dad so i couldnt come. anyone game for something tommorow maybe.

Yeah I slipped on somthing(hard to tell what) and got a bad bruse on my hip :angry:

I ran over a piece of pizza when I was gliding once. It is even more slippery when its on your shoe too.

I’ve had my wheel whizz out from under me after riding over a flattened soft drinks can.
If we carry on at this rate, we’ll have an entire menu of dangerous objects.

one time i rode over an empty can, it folded itself around the tyre and got wedged between the tyre and the frame, stopping the wheel and sending my flying forwards REALLY FAST

yeah, im pretty sore today in my neck and back but i did just build a deck so that wouldnt have helped. damn i have homework. :angry: :angry:

Once I was riding with Evan and his friend and evan hopped on an empty beer can and crushed it and his friend tried to do the same thing except he didnt notice the can was unopened. So basically it exploded and covered me in beer.