Aleix Lidon Baulida

Alex Lidon Baulida (Impact) made this awsome new trials video. He asked me to post it because he doesnt have a unicyclist account. Have fun watching it!

best trials vid ever!
great and creative lines, awsome spots, very good editing matching the music!

I say that the whole vid was pretty cool
the grinding and sparks were the best tho:D

I really enjoyed watching it!

how did you make the end? a dummy or what haha

that’s my favourite video ever.

holy shit.

def one of the best riders ever

Danke, sauber Lutz!!!

Awesome… and mental.


That was brilliant.

He’s a great rider!

yea we all know 2:21 :astonished: scary tech pedal grab, i was cringing!

Aleix… I LOVE YOU!! :slight_smile:
the vid was amazing!! really good editing and the riding was (like always) insane :smiley:
the lines were creative,teck,fun to watch…

Can’t wait to ride with you again @EUC, and this time with Pau and Nil again =D

wow what insane quality. PURE trials. liked the tree skinny. last scene was bad…

i was watching this again.

it deserves a revival :stuck_out_tongue:

+1, he is so amazing ^^
and he is a nice guy =D

i so agree with you, one of the rider that represent really well the unicycling spirit in my opinio

bobousse and tim!!! thank you very much!!!

you are very good riders and the most important very good friends!

i’m sad for can’t go at this euc and can’t ride and see you…

but this summer can be epic!!! you know it

see you soon and good luck at euc

Where is EUC summer 2011?
And your video is steel awesome!!!

i hadn’t seen this, its amazing. really great video, awesome trials skills! :slight_smile: