Albin jonsson - Spring video


here you have albin jonsson’s first video… I made it for him.
He have only unicycling for a year now… and he is only 14 so he is really talent :smiley: so… hope you like it !

Sick video!
The full out 360 and 540 were awesome!
I like the editing and the song. (What is the song?)
And nice for just one year.
I hope to see him on an E.U.C.

Wow that’s really impressive! After only 1 year you have become bette than me at comobos (Ive been ridding in over 3 years) !
Also 5 pallets after only 1 year, thats pretty sweet! and the 540’s well okay everything you do in this video is pretty sick in 1 year of unicycling :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoyed from top to toe!

Really nice, the combos were all great! Very fast learning!

so so good for only one year of riding. going to see some wonderfull things from him in the future!

amzing work

only a year! :astonished: ! that’s sick, he has realy nice rolls
realy nice video :roll_eyes:

the song is Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar remix)

Really enjoyed that, was a really nice edit :slight_smile: