albertan uni compititions?

okay i know there is canadians on this site and there has to be a few albertans so i want to know if there is any unicycle compititions in alberta and it would help if its near Red Deer

Well, I dunno, maybe if it was in Dog River…

I live in Ponoka, about a half hour north of Red Deer. As far as I know there are no uni competitions in the area. There is not a lot of cohesiveness among the riders here. Every town seems to have at least one rider, but it’s hard to find them.

I have been wanting to do a unicycle convention for Alberta, but attracting enough people is the hard thing. I know there are unicyclists in Red Deer, Lacombe, Bently, and of course, Ponoka. I would plan one here, except I am terrible at planning anything, and Ponoka has no almost no MUni, any objects half decent for trials are spread out over the whole town, and the rest is just boring.

There are clubs in Calgary and Edmonton, and one (sort of) here in P-town. Unfortunately the Edmonton club is not running this winter.

Sorry I can’t be much help, but if you want to hold a small convention/competition, I would definitly come out and drag a few others with me.:smiley:

Nope, I live in edmonton and there is no comps… there’s the edmonton unicycling club but dont even get me started about them… GOD THEY SAID U COULD GET THE BEST UNI IN THE WORLD FOR 200$… sry Im mad

Hey, sorry you are so bitter about the EUC, but it is a good club. I know Chris was selling good quality cruisers for about $200, but that was just for a learn to unicycle class. I’ve never heard anyone even jokingly say that you could get an awesome uni for $200. The club has recently fallen apart because of the absence of the leader and coordinator, Chris Taylor, but we’ll get it going again.

it’s not chris taylor no more I think… and he posted that in the journal… in the journal it was saying that the best uni out there was at around 200$… I dono I guess Im sortof a bitch haha

but anyways, to get back on topic …I cant count how many times I tryed to make somehting happen in alberta for unicyclists… never got any response from anyone… not even the edmonton unicycle club… I think a street even would be the best considering the sick milenium park in calgary…

Too few, too far, to busy

I think the main problem is that a lot of unicyclist don’t get ont sites like this, so they never connect with the guy in the next town. I think if you got enough riders connected, you could pull off some sort of AB meet. But even with a good connection, riders are too spread out, and people too busy, I doubt if you could round up even 50 riders at any given time.

Well was I was trying to do is one huge event not just an AB meet… cauz most of the edmonton club do not street ride anyways…I think Alberta has sooo much potential for a uni week end… seriously we have the bigegest skatepark in the world for street + the rockies for Muni what can you ask more ?

That is true, but attracting enough people is still a big issue. It would have to be well organized. There would have to be something different or unique about the event, I think, if you wanted people to come- especially from outside of AB. There are already uni comps in other places, people can only afford to do so many, so they choose the biggest, or more exotic places.

Perhaps the thing to do would be organize a Central Alberta competition, and try to make it grow from there. It is hard to start big, but it can always work it’s way up.