Albertain Uni Week-end

I have has some people say that they would like to have a large street meet at millenium shaw millenium park. We can organize some people to be passengers to calgary (an hour ride)

Come on friday night, camping spots around my cabin will be provided + fresh water, toilets, and fire (we have a huge pit). No shitting in the woods! 20 people x average of two shits a day x three days= 180 shits! Not something we want everywhere :astonished: .

Come on friday night or saturday morning, help put stuff up, and ride them!
Trials Comp will be on saturday (5th of may 06) Trials Comp. Central AB Canada
Street group ride on sunday, if somebody knows his stuff, we could hold a street comp.
List so far

Maxime Carriere Expert 16?
Nathan Tappin Expert 18
Luke Teneycke Expert 15
James Walter Intermediate
Solomon Lehr, Intermediate, 15
Daniel Cormeau, Expert, 15
Mark Mason, Intermediate, 28
Austin Hamer, Expert, 17
Mike King, Expert, not sure yet…
Coty Jaques, Begginer, 15
Kenny Budd, Expert, 15
Collin Young, begginer, 14
James Walter, intermediate, 15
Joshua, Intermediate, 15
Alex Dunkley, Begginer, not sure yet…

So um, what do you think?

Sounds cool, Last year I really wanted to go to millenium but I didn’t get a chance to go. I used to go there every year when I skated, its such a nicely built park.

Except for the eight year-old kids with knives! It is nice, just the attitude isn’t.