Alberta Trials 2007


When i heard that danni was putting on a trials comp at his place for the first time i was pumped. This was my first time ever going to an organized unicycle meet/competition, and i loved it. I expected the lines to just be pallates stacked up all over the place with a few 2x4’s between them for skinnies, but boy was i wrong! Huge props to Danni (:wink: ) for building an awesome course that must have taken weeks to complete, and for competing despite a recently broken arm :astonished: .

We had 15 lines to complete, with 3 attempts per line, and often enough it took all three trys to nail a section. The skinnies were insane! there were several “S” shaped skinnies that were a ton of fun as well as three teeter’s, a ladder, an A-frame, and tons of other goodies too good to mention.

There was not a huge turnout, four of us competed, but i think this helped for people to get to know eachother better than if there had been dozens of competetors. I am glad I had the chance to meet Matt, Sol, and Dan. All great guys hope to ride with you again in the future!:smiley:

Ps. I was amazed at how Matt was able to get through some of the tighter areas on his 24"! Good Job!!!:slight_smile:

woah…that looks like fun…

Thats awesome. The course looks like a lot of fun.

here is one of the curved skinnies


that course looks like its been made real well, i wish i was there it looks awesome :smiley:

those logs look like they would be awesome for any course…

:astonished: Looks Fun:)

Yeah, the comp was awesome, Danni did an amazing job and was tons of fun with just the four of us… Supposedly there was supposed to be closer to 15 riders(?), and it’s too bad cuz they really missed out.

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that Danni managed to complete the most lines of anyone even with a broken arm. And that included nearly 24" side hops and a couple drops at least 3 feet high. (it was his hopping hand that was broken) I’d really like to see him ride when the limbs are at 100% :smiley:

mee too:)

Just got home from May long.


14 lines of Intermediate/Expert

1st Place: Mad-ass Matt (madmattunipro) with 10/14
2nd Place: James (uni_jim) with 7/14
3rd Place: Solomon with 7/14

James won the tie-breaking section.
I am about to write some very rude emails to all the royal fawks who didn’t show up.

good on you!:smiley:

Sorry, I had exams and needed to revise for those. But I would’ve come if I knew what kind of course you were making. Very well done!

It’s good to hear that at least you guys had fun.

Some guy thought it was June 19th, the other hasn’t replied after three days, and one told me to “Blow my rectum across the universe”.

He won’t be invited.

LOL I wish I could have gotten to your house, but thanks to a work related time issue I couldnt get there.and my mom wouldnt want to drive me all the way to your cabin. O well I still got to ride most the lines (not in the comp though) next one i’ll be there though.

Danni, although you were supposed to be in the expert division instead of intermediate, I think you could still put yourself on that standings list. After all, you completed more lines with a broken arm than any of the rest of us did with no injuries.

But you can bet I’ll be at the next one… 24 and all.:smiley:

I will be in Alberta next week for the whole summer, Any of you guys close to westlock alberta? We can get together somewhere for a ride!

thats awsome james is my buddie and says theirs another comp there and im gonna go with him so if you go my names hunter maybe youll see me i prob wont compete though just ride around:(