Alberta (Canada) Trials Comp Sept 8th

General Info:
Everything starts at 10:00am Saturday Sept 8th, we pre-ride the sections until everyone is warmed up and then compete.
I can always change the date if more people can come to September 15th or the 22nd.
Most lines will be changed from last time and made longer.
If enough beginners / experts come, there will be a different category for each.

 [B]Entrance fee and waiver:[/B]

is $15 for materials. All competitors must sign a waiver, and if they aren’t of age (17 years or less), a parental guardian must sign for them.

 [B]Lines you can expect:[/B] Add-on from last comp.

-A bridge-like thing will be built across our creek. Gaps and skinnies across water. Bring extra clothes.
-More twisted skinnies
-Much more gaps and ups for all (lacking a bit last comp).
-descending gapping posts
-ascending wedge with grooves


Three tries to clean, or complete a section. If you have failed third try, (or simply don’t even want to try :wink: ), you will get a X on my chart for that section.

For pics of last comp and reviews, CLICKY:D

Winner of the highest category (Expert or intermediate) will win a red T-shirt with “I love Canadian Unicycles”, like the one in my avatar. If enough people show up, and my costs for setting up the comp is fulfilled, an additional money prize.

PM me if you interested, want info, and for directions to the comp.
Email me if you want the waiver:

I hope to have a better turn out this fall.