Albert Einstein and unicycling

I just found this quote on a website.

Albert Einstein, when asked how he arrived at his theory of relativity, answered, “Oh that… I thought of that while riding my bicycle.”

Then I thought, the person that will figure out quantum physics will naturally ride a unicycle.

The site I grabbed the quote from was:

Quantum was pretty much figured out by Schrodinger, and I don’t think he rode a unicycle. On the other hand, unicycling is getting more popular at tech colleges these days so who knows, the next breakthrough in physics might come to someone riding a uni. (-:

Maybe he meant it was one of them one wheel bikes.
Here he is learning to ride his Coker:

Spooky shade! Where are his legs gone? Was he besides unicyclist magican to?

The unphotoshopped version of AE riding the bicycle is one of many in the front office of our lab.

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our lab.QUOTE]talking about that… when you were in Holland, did you meet up with a guy called “Eppo”?

Haha, it’s a left handed smiley!!

PhotoShop!!? I’ll have you know it was Picture Publisher. Yes, I have had this poster in my office for about 8 years. My wife saw it in a bike catalog and ordered it for me.


No, but I did meet up with a guy named “Klaas Bil” who looks remarkably like an inverted Albert Einstein.