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hey i wanna see how many people would like to come to anchorage, alaska to go do some street riding in the somer im builing a huge trials course all over my front and back yard and im actually pretty rich for a 16 yearold so ill have lots of supplies and i already have tons of tools to build stuff so any one please post whatever dates would be good for you, theres plenty of skate parks around town and the weather in the summer is the most beautiful thing u have ever seen in you life, plus theres TONS of great street spots here so id love to have lots of people come in the summer.


I grew up in anchorage, and will be taking a trip up this summer. I have some old friends that I plan on seeing, but would love to get a ride in. What part of town are you in?

i live in south anchorage on O’Malley but the skate parks are all over the place.

p.s. do you know of any alaskan uni clubs im really lookin forward to seeing other unicyclists

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On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:42:43 -0600, “scar_head187” wrote:

>p.s. do you know of any alaskan uni clubs im really lookin forward to
>seeing other unicyclists

Jason from Anchorage and his two kids ride (or at least rode) unis
(MUni/trials). Jason used to post here but not anymore.

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