ALASKA unicyclists!!!!!!!!!!!

All unicyclists in alaska and i know you are out there!!! Chugiak High School has started a unicycle club and are working on organizing MUni weekends and are getting permission from the alaska state parks (hopefully) for some north shore trail building. ANy ideas would be helpfull. So please respond to this and it would be helpfull to get your email adressees and find people who want to ride!!! also any suggestions from anyone on goals would be appreciatedmy email address


if anyone has any ideas for what a unicycle club can do please tell me!!! So any ideas???

Well you can look for festivals and stuff for your town and ride in them…just ride around and stuff and people will see you and ask to come do stuff. Also just have like meetings where you all just go out and ride…and you could have like MUni trips…and then a trials night and a freestyle night…i Don’t know that much about organizing one though because I’m only a member (not in chrage) of mine.

Thanks that sounds like a good plan we are going to start a trials night !!!

Re: ALASKA unicyclists!!!

Wahoo!! We’re definitely out here! I have a few questions:

How often do you plan on having regular club meetings?
will you meet at Chugiak High School?
Will you meet on weekends? (I’ll have to drive from Anch)
Do you plan on using a Gym and working on freestyle/trials or…?
Will there be age or other restrictions? (I’m old) :wink: Also, some schools require a club to have the majority of it’s members be students.

I’m unable to ride until spring becuase of some surgery I’ve had but if I can help out in any way I’d like to. My seven year old son is definitely interrested and is bouncing up and down excitedly while I compose this message yelling, “Can I join! Can I join!”. He’s only had one Muni ride in that past 6 weeks due to my injury and he’s ready to ride, ride ride. (He was Muni’ing three or four times a week this summer) I have a 13 year old daughter who rides and is also interrested (but not in Muni) As for me, I’m game for anything but what I really enjoy is MUni and helping others learn to ride.

I’ll think about goals, but I’ve never been involved in a club before so I don’t have clear idea of what would occur at a meeting. My personal goal would be to help as many people as I can learn to ride.


(You can PM me if you like)


finally riding in alaska there is hope more people!!! when do we start the riding i want to join awesome idea for the trials night! I love to MUni and trials ride email me please!

so when and where are we meeting? and how can i help out? I think we should ride down flattop thats my favorite ride

Thanks for the input guys i am trying to get a website for us and so far we have nine people! We are trying too organize a trials night in anchorage sometime before it snows!

next meeting activity period on wensday and we are going to start trials night in anchorage on friday nights Hopefully we will see about staring after school meetings so that people outside of the school can come