Alaska - Uni Photos - South of Anchorage

Hey guys. Alaska is finally thawing out. We hit a great trail that melts quickly in the spring and I’ve enclosed a photo.

If anyone is planning an Alaskan trip this summer shoot me an email @ We have 3-4 guys that uni regularly and we would love to showoff our great muni trails.


jason on bird ridge.jpg

Alaska is so Beautiful,i saved that pic and will put it in my gallery

nice pic

hey you can see my head in the bottom left of that picture. cool.
lets go there again soon eh. laters

I’ve never been to Alaska, they have a lot of good hills to ride on up there? From that picture, it looks like it, but I was just wondering.


looks nice. there good trails there?

Re: Alaska - Uni Photos - South of Anchorage

nice picture, looks like sweet riding.

hey all
i live here in alaska and just wanted to say that we’ve got some really good trails up here. epic.

Uni and Baby

Sorry about not also putting up your photo Nick.

Here’s a great shoot of our clubs best rider.


PS-There are hundreds of great trails up here, but the only problem is we have to wait until June to ride most of them.

PSS-We are organizing a trip down to Seward (120 miles from Anchorage) to ride with George Peck. He’s the grandady of off rode unicycling.

PSSS-Speaking of dady’s, I just become one this morning. He was born with rist guards, so he’ll be riding by his 10 month.

nick hangin on bird ridge.jpg