Alaska Dalton Highway Trip Photos on facebook

still working on a write up

Wow… Beautiful photos, Captain.

looks amazing

Wow- looks like you had an amazing and challenging time up there! How did the self supported touring go? Was there anything with your set up that you would have changed if you were to do it again? I can’t wait for a write up.
all the best,

Wow - great pics. I looked at all of them. You’re a beast to uni with that pack.

I looked at all the pics, too. I am so very envious…


epic! look forward to the write up!

Your cranks are at 150mm on most of the photos? Crazy. :slight_smile:

As soon as I am not on half speed dial-up bouncing off a CB radio repeater I will check out those pictures

Glad you made it, I too am envious.

I never understood why people put photos on facebook if they want to share them with people. I refuse to sign up for a social networking site just to view pictures, so I guess I’ll miss out on these ones as well.

I feel guilty, will post here too.

Oh, come on… Facebook isn’t quite the route of all evil. :roll_eyes:

Especially when siafirede has a link to myspace in his sig! :roll_eyes:

Public Access :slight_smile:

This is EPIC defined! A new benchmark has been set.

What a wild adventure, Mike. Thanks for sharing these photos. I loved the trading post–closed for years, but still with the neon sign proclaiming its status. Also the what’s in your pack shot. I have that same little orange trowel…handy little thing isn’t it?

Nice work.


ah yes, the orange trowel (aka sh1t shovel)

not too effective in permafrost however…


Exactly, why do I need to sign up for two sites! haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not against social networking sites, just against being forced to join site after site to simply view photos. I hardly check Myspace because of its limited functionality, but with Facebook…I would probably be as addicted to that as I am the unicycle board.

Thanks for making the photos public access. :sunglasses:

The fact that you did this trip on that small wheel with all that pack weight on your back is amazing!

How much did your pack weigh in? I think having all weight on your back is the way to go. When I tried doing my trip form Pittsburgh to DC I had some weight attached to the back of my uni on a rack and it wrecked my right knee. At least that is what I think wrecked my knee. Also, I had about 17 pounds on my back when I had my water filled all the way. Even with that amount of weight, my crotch still felt a decent more amount of pressure…I can’t imagine the crotch pain you must have felt this whole ride.

How many miles did you average in a day?

This whole trip is simply ridiculous. Congrats!

My pack at it’s heaviest with full food supply and 2 liters of water was just over 50 pounds. I tried tying some weight to the unicycle only to find it harder. The crotch pressure was miserable. I had alot of blood in my urine on longer days. My average daily milage would have been about 60-65 miles. But I had a few 24-36 hour rides, and one 56 hour ride. So it’s hard to tell. I’m in the process of getting a daily millage chart together from my notes.