Alaska 2008: Dalton Highway

Just wanted to say goodbye to everyone, I’m starting my Journey north to Fairbanks, AK tomorrow night. From there I will ride to Deadhorse, AK and back along the Elliot and Dalton Highways, covering about 1030 miles. Send me good wishes and energy until June!

Mike Welch

Happy fun luck man!

Have a blast and don’t freeze, wish i could go with.

Good luck man! I’ll be looking out for any information either here or on the website.

Good luck, Mike! Stay safe and ride smooth! :slight_smile: This is going to be a hell of an adventure!

Good luck! Stay warm.

Your blog said that you flew out of Virginia today…Do you live in VA or were you just visiting?

This is on a 24inch muni? Wow…

what an adventure- all the best with it!

Good luck and I hope it works out great. Looking forward to photos and stories on your return.


This ride is going to be truly epic. The current weather at Deadhorse looks pretty darn cold to me. I can’t imagine riding in below freezing conditions day after day. And having to keep an eye out for other large mammals that might think of you as an appetizer. I wish you a very safe journey, and hope you have enough foul weather gear. Looking forward to the write-up. I wonder how many trucks are going to pull over and see if you are lost or need a lift! Somehow I think you’ll be the talk of the Dalton highway, unless the Swedish Bikini team drops by.

Wow. this is awesome. I am really looking forward to hearing about the trek. Truly amazing.


I made it to Deadhorse! In 8 days with minimal sleep. Exshausted, delerious, dehydrated, hypothermic, and frostbiten. Will rest here overnight as roads into town are driffted over. Plan to follow a truck convoy out of town around noon tomorrow. Will do extensive trip report when I’m back in civilization. I smell horrible :slight_smile:

WOW! What an adventure! Go for it!!!


Friggin’ unbelievable! Way to go Captain Welch! To quote ACDC, “[He’s] got the biggest balls of them all!”:smiley:

Dude seriously, hypothermic and frostbiten?

Keep up the good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

congratulations!!! I am so stoked for you!

Unbelievable! Well done! You did it in 8 days but I thought it was supposed to take 30 or something?

Either way I am looking forward to anything you publish on the site.

You play trombone?! In Blast!?! And you unicycle!?!

It’s been a dream of mine to play trombone and euph in Blast! ever since I first saw Blast!.

I’m a eupher at UNT, but am resuming trombone lessons in the fall.

And now you’re unicycling through Alaska?!

You’re my new freaking hero, dude.

Just curious if anyone has heard anything? It only took him 8 days for the first half. I hope all is well, and am looking forward to the epic write up.

I’m back in Fairbanks! A little bit slower to get back. My body is falling apart on me. My knees have some wicked clicking, my ankles feel awful. My back held out OK. I’ve been hallucinating for a few days now, from exhaustion I suppose. and a strange question, has anyone heard of somebody having urine in their blood from distance riding?

as far as the trip, this one is worth it, awesome scenery, and warm people along the cold trip. Anybody up for a 1000 mile endurance race next year?..

I’ll have a hell of a trip write up and about 500 photos to post when I get back to the lower 48. Until then…


I have more respect for you than anyone else, that is no joke.