Alas, but some stupid newbie questions...

Hi All,

I have a couple questions that I know are pretty newbie, but nonetheless, I have no idea.

  1. Does anyone know any good web pages for a total newb? I’m looking for places that break down the parts of a unicycle, and gives opinions on brands corresponding to those parts. Like, “who makes good cranks, and what to look for in good cranks.” Things like that.

  2. “Once you can travel 30 feet, you can go on indefinately.” Is this true? I’m going about 70 ft or so, but I still fall off; I feel like I’m not in control, really, and am just basically continously “saving” myself from falling; it’s a really erratic, uncontrolled motion.

My question is, what should I do about it? Common sense says to keep practicing, but I’m afraid that maybe one of the things screwing me up is some bad habit, and I can’t help but fear that one day I’ll get to the point where I’m okay but am limited from some poor habit I’ve carried for years that I never corrected, and eventually could no longer correct. Something similar happened with playing guitar, and to this day I can play and transition from every chord perfectly except a D and Dm.

  1. Yes, I’ve made my first mistake and bought my first unicycle from the local bike shop. Sure enough, I looked at that Bedford versus “cheapie” comparison pic, and my uni suffers from every “no frills” malady there was. I figure at this point, I might as well use it as the learner it is, and not buy a decent uni until I can ride it reliably without destroying it.

That said, I’m trying to figure out what would be a good next uni. I would definately use it for commuting in some way, but I would still want to do some Trials stuff on it. Does a 24" trials uni compromise too much? Should I just get a 20" Trials uni and use my cheapo 24" for commuting?

  1. This is kind of a moot point, but I had wanted to keep a weblog on the webspace provided by, but my webspace was never approved, despite my having filled out that questionnaire…did I do something wrong? How long does it usually take? I’m already going to be updating three websites as it is, so it’s highly unlikely I’d be able to use it at this point, but I’m curious if there’s a possibility for my “Beginner attempts to uni weblog.”

Thanks for everything.


Re: Alas, but some stupid newbie questions…

u r on it
use the ‘search’ function to find threads pertaining to issues u have questions about
alternatively, post your questions here

kinda true
yeah, practise is where it’s at
unless u get the services of a professional uni-coach or hook up with some other unicyclists, practise is pretty much all u have
pay attention to a couple of points tho
i’ll wager that u r still not relaxing into the ride and placing your full weight on the seat
if u think u do, take the dave157 test
ride up to a pole or railing and, without getting off, hold onto it
if u feel your weight settle into the seat a bit more once u have stable support, u r still not distributing your weight correctly
placing more weight on the seat, u’ll free your legs up to smooth out the ride
hang in there, it will happen
make sure u r sitting up straight (i love sounding like your mother) and dont stare at the ground in front of your wheel, look into the middle distance

i’m going to leave your questions ref the trials uni to the trials people
buying the trials 20 and using your 24 for commuting makes sense to me tho
i have no idea what the deal is with the webspace
speak to gilby

check outthis thread and give klaas some more info to go into the second round

oh yeah, welcome!

newbie questions are good questions.

i would say the best place to look for information is this forum. i remember i lurked the first 5 months i was interested in unicycles, reading and searching as much information as possible. very quickly you will get an idea of what’s hot and what’s not. if you hear a brand name or a unicycle part that is unfamiliar, just search it in the forums, you’re bound to find some sort of explanation. as for links to other places, i’m sure someone else can give you those.

after riding 30 feet you demonstrate you’ve gotten a pretty good sense of balance, but undoubtedly still feels weird riding. it seems like you’re just cheating gravity for another couple of seconds. but i assure you, that feeling will go away. you’ll actually feel stable up there, to the delight of on lookers and yourself. practice more. are you keeping your weight on the seat? that’s crucial. painful but crucial. other than that, you’re probably doing everything right.

no help for the webspace… sorry


Make sure your seat is high enough - a centimetre or so can make a lot of difference.

Keep your weight on the seat.

Look into the middle distance.

Concentrate on riding smoothly. Don’t go: step, balance, step, balance, step, balance… pedal as smoothly as you would on a bicycle in low gear.

Teaching a friend, I found that encouraging him to ride as fast as possible took his mind off the balance problem, and his riding improved considerably.

It will come. Keep at it.


Re: Alas, but some stupid newbie questions…

In addition to this very site, there is a lot (an I mean A LOT) of useful stuff on various web pages. I particularly like <> and <>.

Klaas Bil

hello and welcome

to find out about unicycles, you should browse or you can find information at the products, and often a review,
the reviews forum on here is also helpful.
I think i had the same problem as you with the webspace, you need to PM or e-mail gilby about it, you can do that from here:

Gilby’s profile

Welcome to unicycling.

I know how you feel about being out of control and everyone saying “You’re there. Just keep practicing.” The advice about weight on the seat is very true. As for speed, I have found that I was slowing down to turn and negotiate rough spots. Once I realized that, I was able to consciously ride faster through these spots. That took me from an average of 70 feet to an average of 300 feet (right to the entrance way of the parking area I am using for practice).

As for the web stuff, I am still waiting too. I have sent both e-mail and PM to Gilby with no response. I wonder if Gilby is willing to accept volunteers to help out. I know that there have been a lot of problems with the site lately that have probably made approving web space a low priority issue.


Re: Alas, but some stupid newbie questions…

I know how you feel about the 30 feet. i can go further than that but my
legs get nackered quickly. The bit i cannot get the hang of is keeping my
weight on the saddle. I am keeping far too much weight on the pedals.


Re: Re: Alas, but some stupid newbie questions…

To a large extent getting the hang of this is a matter of faith and trust. Faith in yourself and trust that the unicycle will not squirt out from under you upon your sitting squarely in the saddle. Now that you’ve got the balance thing you are justified in having faith in your own ability and you need to trust that you are now the master of the unicycle. Make sure, again, that your seat is high enough and if only for a few seconds let your full weight sink onto the seat. You will feel the difference immediately both in terms of comfort and control. On a flat straightaway, you’ll be amazed at how little work your legs actually have to do.

Good luck,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I found initially I could stay on as long as my initial balance held out. i.e. I could keep on going until I ‘lost’ my balance, then fell over. Took a little bit longer to learn how to correct imbalances, but it came pretty quick. Just keep on riding :slight_smile: