Al little concern about my tyre

On my new nimbus it was described on UDC as “New lighter Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20x2.50” trials tyre - makes hopping easier. " and on the title it said “LIMITED STOCK WITH ONZA STICKY FINGERS TYRES”.
On looking at the tyre all it says is ‘Bike Trial’.
Should i see if i was meant to get a better tyre with this or what?

Hmm, sounds like you are describing two different tires. Do you have a link to the description, and a picture of the tire? You might have gotten a Luna tire, I dunno…

You could probably email them and ask them about it, they are probally out of stock on one tire and had to use another, or something like that.

Creepy Crawler looks like this:

Monty Eagle Claw looks like this:

Monty 2.7" looks like this:

Try-all Sticky looks like this:

Onza Sticky Fingers looks like this:

Luna looks like this:

There is also a Luna-like floating around there, which looks like a luna with similar rubber. I have seen one which had the text on it. My friends has it on his uni.

There is such a wide selection of trials tires out there now, amazing!

Take a look at the list of tires I have posted, to me “Bike Trial” sounds like a Luna. I haven’t had any experience of Luna tires, but all of the tires in the list are good for various reasons. I’d say not to worry about it.

is it a nice tyre?

Yes, the Luna does say “bike trial” on it…

I don’t think it can be an Onza Sticky Fingers, as that tire is not a “true” 19" trials tire.

How is that? There is two sticky fingers’, one 20" and one 19". Is the 19" not 19"?

Ah, there didn’t used to be a 2.5x19" sticky fingers, at least not that I was aware of…

Yeah, they came out about the same time I think. Not many places seem to have them on stock tho.
I should have linked you: Sticky 19"

Off topic: What time is it over there? I’m just getting ready to leave home, and it’s 8.49am.

Oh okay, I’ve only heard of the 2.4 size before…

It’s 3:00 pm right now, mountain time.

Thanks for your responses friends:)
I think it must be a luner then… So this is OK? I havent been ripped off?


some people say the maxis is better, other like the luna.

edit: sorry for non concusive post

Thats about as good answer as you can give.
I think its time to write a trials tire comparison up :stuck_out_tongue:

Pros for Luna over CC:
Tire is stiffer, means less folding.
Tread lasts longer.
Thicker sidewalls.

Pros for CC over Luna:
More bounce.
Nicer “feel” (some may argue).

I wouldn’t mind using either, although currently I have the Monty 2.7".


Nope, it’s just a different brand of trials tire. They do feel and preform a little differently, although I wouldn’t worry about it unless you prefered the other tire over this one.

looks little different to the lunas i’ve seen, but more like a luna than any of the other common tyres

You have the new echo supa tire.

?? i take it this is a good thing?

It looks kind of like an echo, but it doesn’t have the white line on the wall. I’m not saying that it’s not an echo, just that its not 100% echo like.

How durable is the Onza Sticky Fingers? say compared to a CC.

I want a new tyre and would like to try something other that a CC and the Onza just looks damn cool.