AJ's pedal vs my leg

So, the Moral of this story might be: You can land harder on someone else’s pinned pedals, than you can land on your own.

About 10 minutes into our regular Thursday 36er ride, AJ turns (sharper than expected) in front of me. We bump and both UPD.
Nothing extraordinary, except my right leg lands quite solidly on AJ’s left pedal.

Hurts, but not terribly so. Look at it :astonished: ! End of my ride:(

AJ rides back to my truck, picks me up and we go to hospital.
Two hours later we leave the hospital, and I have 17 stitches in my leg :expressionless:

Pics for my pedal-related injury collection.

What kind of pedals?

Crazy Stares: I don’t have the bloody pics (yet). This is the 17stitches.

john_childs: Don’t know specifically model of pedals (my leg, AJ’s pedals). They have the “set-screw” pins.

you got owned by that pedal that happened to me once on a dirtbike. everything heals though :slight_smile:

A.J.'s pedals

I just found my camera computer cable so I will post the pics tomorrow. My pedals are nyc freeride glory hole pedals. I love my pedals. very grippy.


We pay a price for our one-wheeled glory in skin and blood…
Fine picture.

I (finally) posted some pictures here: http://www.place.org/~dcampbel/pedalBite/

(Now, 3-weeks later, the wound is healing nicely - just a couple long thin scabs, surrounded by pink skin).


Sorry I asked!


i wish i had a huge battle wound like that, when people ask where it came from, and you tell em you where unicycling, well that would be more interesting than “i fell outta tree”