airseat question

Couple of things I couldn’t find answers to in any old airseat threads:

  1. Will anything annoying happen if I wrap the whole thing round with duct tape before re-covering? I can’t be bothered to sew anything but would like to give the shape some more support and smooth it out a bit. I just wondered though if that could somehow lead to problems if I inflate or deflate it at all?

  2. Is there any easy alternative way of covering it to glueing back on the old scrappy cover that now doesn’t fit very well?

Actually, one other thing, that I probably could find with a search…but since i’m posting - presumably I can cut down my seatpost so that at the height I have it there is the same amount left in the frame (with it cut down) as is marked from the bottom as it is (uncut) as STOP? Or can I cut it a bit shorter still because with the seat fairly low I won’t be exerting as much of a force as a person would with it at full extension? I’d like to cut it as short as is reasonable, don’t think weight makes much of a difference for riding for me, but I need to transport my muni by (35l) rucksack, so every cm helps.


2)buy a KH cover off udc.
for your other question) you can cut it short but make sure when you have it at its riding hieght their is at least 2 inches of seatpost in

This is a good way to constrain the shape of an air seat. It makes a complete redo of the seat in the field more difficult. It may make non-major field repairs with duct tape easier.

Get a removable cover that uses cord or whatever as a snug-down method.

If you are doing a trip with others, you should retain some general adjustability so that it makes it easier for someone else to be able to use your unicycle (this could help in an emergency, for one thing). One way to do this is to find your typical seat height, lower the saddle an inch or two from there, and then cut the post to just clear the tire. This gets the saddle properly in your range, and allows a taller person than you to use the uni more effectively.

Ok, Think I’ll do that then and just hope not to have to do any major repairs to it.

So will any cover fit any seat? Will this Miyata one fit a modded Viscount? :-

Beth does this mean you’ve dug the pashley 26" out the shed? Are you around Ox this term? I’m coming back tomorrow anhd not sure whether to bring the muni or not.

Yes, didn’t realise it was just the tyre I disliked, Keith gave me a nicer one. But, no not around Oxford, going to Italy (like I was supposed to back in September). I’ve been making all my travelling/camping gear ultra-light for the past couple of weeks, then realised yesterday that that gave me the margin to quite comfortably carry a uni as well. First stop Mt. Etna! Next year I’ll bring a Muni though, wasn’t there something in another thread about a girl with a Muni who’s started this year? If only people would stop graduating we’d have quite a respectable number of unicyclists by now.

since the viscount has the velo seatbase get the KH fusion cover.

tis the same price as well. But the myata might fit as well i dont know.

You can put the tube in an old sock (a tube sock?) before taping it all in place. That way you aren’t taping directly to the tube. The tube will also be able to move around and adjust inside the sock.

The Viscount seat base is a little bit longer than the KH or Miyata, but not by much.

I happen to have Viscount seat base, the vinyl replacement cover for Miyata seats, and a KH Fusion seat cover sitting in my seat parts box. The vinyl cover fits on the Viscount base but is a bit of a tight fit. It fits well enough though. The KH Fusion is a very very tight fit. You can fit the KH cover over the Viscount seat base but that’s about it. You cant get it adjusted correctly to give proper volume to the seat. The KH cover won’t work.

So the vinyl cover will work while the KH Fusion is a no-go.

The Viscount has a metal seat base that is a different size and shape than the Velo/KH seat. It’s not the same as the Velo.

Mr.Boogiejuice’s sister is coming and has a coker so that should be cool. Got to get hockey back together sometime too. You have to ride on Mt. Etna if only for the sake of every muni rider who wishes they could (i.e. me!).