Airpillow free to a good home

As per the subject line. I don’t use airseats so if you want one and you are based in Wgtn, NZ you can pick it up from my place.

If you want it and based elsewhere in NZ or in Australia then it’s yours if you pay postage.

Otherwise it’s going in the rubbish at the end of the week.


4 real free?
i live in arizona so could you shp there???

It sounds like he’ll only ship it to New Zealand or Australia. Makes sense, the shipping charges probably wouldn’t be worth sending it all the way over to the states.
Anyway, you’d have to pay shipping.

Sorry, dumb question, whats an airpillow?

Holds an innertube in the right shape, then you put it in your seat to make an airseat.

Sweet, thanks for that:)