airless tires?

im just getting into unicycling, and i recently picked up a 24" torker unistar. the thing is, i eventually want to get into muniing, but i didnt want to drop a lot of cash on a good muni without even knowing how to ride it. so i’m thinking of getting a knobby tire for my torker… i was checking around on the internet for 24 X 1.75 tires, and i came across . They have tires that’re solid (no tube, no air) and they come in different colors… would anybody recommend this, or if not, are there any other tires you would recommend?

I’m not sure about this, but it seems like a hard tire for Muni would be very uncomfortable. With no air to cushion all the bumps. It also seems that it would end up being a lot more expensive, because if you hit a sharp rock and split it(I have no idea of how strong they are) you would have to buy a whole new one. With tubes, you just patch them or get a new tube for around $5. Hope this helps.

Gentle reminder: this is a REVIEW forum, not a place to start a thread with a question. That should better be done in the Rec.Sport.Unicycling forum, it would also draw more responses there.

Having said that, I agree with Johnglazer that solid tyres are not to be preferred for a unicycle. However, if you still end up buying one, you’ve very welcome to review it in this forum!

Klaas Bil

I remember reading a review in MBA about these tires a while ago. They are not hard tires, MBA said they feel like tires inflated to around 32-35 psi. A problem they found with them is that they don’t stay in place, they will rotate on the rim.

If it’s the solid tube that is one big piece of material forget it. It turns your uni into a nearly unrideable piece of glop. You perpetually being pushed or pulled and are constantly correcting yourself. We learned that lesson the hard way and cut the @#@ thing off and chucked it into the trash with a hardy good riddance!

yeah, i guess that would make sense… i’ve also been comparing weights and those tubless tires are over 800g. thats crazy compared to other BMX tires… I just want to be able to take this thing off road (even though it probably wont hold up long :smiley: ) oh well… when i beat the crap out of this torker i’ll get a KH

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap any uni with a non pnumatic tire is not made to be ridden

Well spoken.

I believe KendaUSA is still selling the Kenda Kolossal for $5. It is a good entry level knobby tire. Get the 2.6"


4th one down.

I realize im only adding to the popular decision, but im bored, so i will.

I would most definitly go with a tire+tube combo, and here is why
1. You will be dealing with less rotational weight
2. You wont have to deal with a solid tire rotating on rim
3. With a solid tire the rim can often take a beating due to lack of give in the tire
4. Taking a solid tire on and off a rim is HELL
5. With a pneumatic tire you will be able to adjust the air pressure inside accordingly with what type of riding your doing
6. If you wanted to replace the tire with a different tread or width it would be easily done with a tire+tube combo
7. There is not as much of a selection of solid tires
8. The rigidity of a solid tire will kill your ride

I was going to try to come up with 10, but i think that enough and if I made more they would just be lame, but do “what your heart tells you”.

Welcome to the wonderful world of unicycle!

I just ordered 2 of these. The only size they have left is the 24x2.6"
They still have about 20 in stock, so if any of ya’ll want one, call Bobbie @ Kenda; (866) 536-3287 ext#266

from experience DONT USE A SOLID TIRE!!! ive bent my rim in half and my bike

believe me!!!