airfoli rim for MUni?

Has anyone used this rim for MUni? It seems like it would be pretty nice. It’s like $65 though…

I meant airfoil rim. It’s on UDC.

I am about to get mine tomorrow because my stock hub is dead.
Also getting the UDC Wide Hub with it. I do mostly MUni in the local mountains here but I also plan to do hopping and riding UP stairs(which would taco a stock rim).

You can MUni with regular stock rims if you are careful not to have too many UPDs on it.

oh yea, I was talking about the 24" model.
I forgot to put alot of stuff in this thread.

The 24" Airfoil is a neat color. That would be one reason to choose it.

But I’d rather have the KH Freeride rim for muni. It’s a wider rim. Wider is better for muni. Wider means that the tire won’t fold over or squirm as much. The tire just behaves better and is more stable with a wider rim.

The Airfoil is probably a stronger rim, but sort of rim strength isn’t that critical for most people. A good wheel build is more important in terms of wheel strength and how well the wheel will hold up to muni abuse.

Ok thanks.