Airfoil vs Alloy

I noticed Darren Bedford sells cokers with an alloy rim instead of the stock steel rim. Does anyone know how these are different than the steel rims that have the udc wide hub, and the airfoil rim? Stronger? Weaker?

How strong really is the airfoil rim? has it been broken?


Re: Airfoil vs Alloy

TWNR has us smashing a Airfoil rim over and over to try and roll/smash over something (a fine Rolling Trials line for HCR!)

It’s very strong

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You are good, Brian! Answering the question and doing marketing for your vid at the same time. I like it! By the way, I’ll be getting a copy of TWNR, just am waiting to see if I’ll be at Motorama or Ray’s and be able to pick up one. If I get to Ray’s, I’ll need an autographed copy.

I have heard over and over again that the airfoil is stronger. I am riding a standard rim and have looked at many airfoils. Easy to see the higher quality in the airfoil. An airfoil is on my upgrade list.


This is a very interesting development that Coker is now making an alloy rim. I hope it replaces the steel rim. Almost anything would be better than the steel rim. We’ll have to find out more about the Coker alloy rim. What kind of cross-section does it have? How wide is it? Right now we don’t know much about it at all.

The Airfoil rim is a downhill rim. It’s big, wide, and beefy. It looks a lot like the Arrow Racing DH rim. Hmmmm… Could it in fact be an Arrow Racing DH rim? :wink: It’s a strong rim.

My take on it was that buys the alloy rims from whoever distributes them and sells them under the name “airfoil.”

Maybe Darren buys and sells the same rims but just calls them alloy rims. I haven’t looked at his price list lately. Does he sell both Airfoil and Alloy rims?

I believed that had them commissioned.