airfoil rims

anyone know when the next batch of airfoil rims be available

also I remember a wheelset on UDC that was stronger, I don’t remember the price and if it had an airfoil rim, or was just stronger somehow.

I don’t know when the next batch will available…the best way to get that information would be to call UDC, 1-800-UNICYCLE.

UDC used to offer a wheelset with the the Super Wide CrMo square taper hub, stainless steel spokes, and airfoil, but it was removed when all the other airfoil products were removed.

You may, however, also be thinking of Dave Stockton’s (U-Turn’s) Strongest Coker wheelbuild, by Livewire cycles. I have heard he builds excellent coker wheels with either rim.

I may have got one of the very last airfoils, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t the “X” foil variety. (no x marking anywhere to be found) I’ve been consitently running 40-45 psi and put in hundreds of miles so far with no problems. Although I really love my raidial deluxe, I’m planning on buying a new coker as soon as it hits the market! :sunglasses:

thanks guys


You already said thanks. Same question? What did UDC tell you when you called? They’re the ones doing the ordering…

I received my Nimbus deluxe Thursday. I ordered it from UDC the previous Wednesday and the next day the Radial and Nimbus deluxe models weren’t available on UDC. I think I may have got the last one.