Airfoil rim dimensions

Does anyone know what the side to side width of the Airfoil rim is? I’ve attached a picture of the dimension I’m referring to.

Also if anyone knows the diameter of the Airfoil rim that would be most useful, too.


rim.bmp (38.4 KB)

37.3 mm width (outside surface to outside surface)

80.8 cm diameter (edge to edge)

Thanks very much, David. Just what I needed to know!

At your service, Tony.


What evil scheme do you have in mind with that information?

Are you putting brakes on or something?

I think I will be using the 125mm cranks for Lake Taupo.

Tony needs to figure out how much Christmas wrapping paper he will use to wrap the Coker he’s buying me for Christmas.

Oooohh - 125mm cranks for Lake Taupo - that’s bold! I found 125s way too hard to control. I was considering going from 140s up to 152s for Lake Taupo! My section has a fair amount of flat in it before the dreaded 3km long Hatepe Hill, so maybe I won’t… I’ll try 'em out this weekend.

Actually I want to figure out the amount of water my Coker will displace when I fall off in a semi-conscious daze into Lake Taupo. If I know the displacement and the volume of Lake Taupo, I can figure out by how much the lake will rise due to me falling in!

I figure that it can’t be any hillier than Wellington. I’ve found the 125’s pretty good except for some of the steeper streets. I posted on and apparently it’s mainly about 7-10% grades which shouldn’t be too bad on 125’s. I found that I am gaining about 5-8mins per hour on the 125s over 150’s. That is about an hours’ difference over 160kms :smiley: .

Just go your PM Tony. Very EVIL indeed :astonished:

I don’t get it. Did you forget a ‘t’? Tony seems to be going to his PM right now.

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