Airfoil 36"


Coker tire
Airfoil rim (older version without tire fitting problems)
UDC Super wide hub
125mm cranks
UDC DX pedals
Powdercoated Coker “The Big One” frame
Steel seat post (pretty short)
Miyata Carbon Fiber seat base with almost brand new KH freeride foam and cover
GB4 handle

I have had the CF base for maybe 3-4 years and I had used 3 different kinds of handles with different bolt patterns so there are more holes drilled in it than there should be. There’s also a relatively big hole drilled in the center of the seat post bolts (you can’t see it with a seat post on). I wouldn’t recommend using this base for street/flat/trials riding but I assume it will be fine on a 36".

The handle has a mount for a cycle computer, the cycle computer I had broke.

I also have 2 more sets of cranks for it (110mm, 150mm) but they are at my house. If someone wants them I could get them.

Hopefully someone in the LA area wants it because I am at school and have no idea where I would find a box big enough to ship it.

Is $400 fair?

I’ll buy the seat, but I’m guessing you don’t wanna sell it seperately.

Don’t you think you could cancel your order from Coker? I would try, cause this is one nice uni and it is probably cheaper.

shipping will probably kill but how much would it be to S7M 1Y1 (In Saskatchewan Canada)

preferably USPS as they charge less brokerage fees.

I’ll try to figure that out, I don’t know how much it weighs or how big the box will be if/when I find one.
It will be a lot though.

I’ll only sell the seat separate if someone happens to want the rest.

I thought about it more last night and it probably won’t be worth it. even if shipping is cheep i would have to add $100 or more for duties and brokerage fees. And then there is the currency conversion… I want this but I will pass.

I do hope you sell this.

If someone else asks about shipping it should all fit in a box that is 37X37X9. weight won’t matter with a box that big.

When I got my trials bike (mod) from Vancouver, BC the other year it was like 30 lbs in the box, and pretty big, since it’s a bike, like the size of a BMX, but shipping from Vancouver to Toronto was $50.

I was quite impressed.


Whatever you do, don’t try to ship a Coker over the border.

The trick is to have a friend with an American address and then have them bring it over for you.