air seat?

i was wondering what an air seat is like and if it is any good, because i am thinking of modifing my kh in to 1. cheers

Here’s a pic of a Torker LX airseat. They have them for KH, but I couldn’t find a pic, sorry.


Speaking of air seats … I bought a KH air seat several weeks ago. I put it on my 29er and have been riding it.

My question…how much air should it have?
A little air…the tube almost flat?
Moderate amount of air … tube about half full?
A lot of air … the tube so full it is almost pushing the seat cover off the frame?

I have tried different amounts and my thoughts are:
A little air … why bother?
Moderate air … seat still gets pretty hard after about 30 minutes
Lots of air … sitting up there on that 29er feels real unstable especially when turning.

i had an old viscount seat and i took off the original covering. i then took my 12" bike tube and did the dog-bone shape. use duct-tape to keep it from the 70’s waterbed feeling. i then had a costom seat cover made out of vinyl for about 75 bucks… dont use it on a muni or trials cause it can rip eaisily if dropped, but for distance its fine. use a draw string on the bottom to seal it up like the fussion cover by KH. for the amount of air, i have mine pretty full; about 3/4 full. with the duct-tape holding it in place and the high pressure, its still pretty stable and i can ride for hours before i start feeling it :stuck_out_tongue: i should have pics up with an article on how to convert to an airsaddle soon on my website.

I find the KH airseat took some getting used to at first, but a lot more comfortable overall than the original. I keep it with a medium amount of air inside so that the seat surface is very plush. I cut a .5 inch section of foam from the top of the original foam to help with cushion feeling and also help to shape the seat top correctly and fill it out properly. Looks/feels fine except the back you can sometimes see the pokey corner of the tube even thru the UDC air pillow, doesn’t bother me though. Maybe when you cut the foam you can make a little extra tongue come down the side to hold the shape of the edge better. I’ll upload pics as soon as my cam is done charging…

there’s some really really good instructions for converting a Miyata into an air saddle on, HERE. tells you absolutely everything you need to know. those instructions can be used for a Torker LX also, and with a little bit of work, it can be used for a KH too. but you generally need a KH Fusion seat cover to do it with a KH Saddle.

I’m a big fan of my JC Air Seat Conversion. It makes for a very good air seat for muni and with some modifications it makes for a very good Coker seat. I haven’t done the same with a KH seat but it should be similar with a suitable high volume seat cover.

My muni seat uses the Miyata foam. My Coker seat uses some old foam from an old Schwinn seat. The Schwinn foam is more contoured (it’s shaped very similarly to a Viscount) and makes for a more comfortable Coker seat. Coker seats are up higher so you sit differently on a Coker seat than a muni seat. The Miyata foam works plenty well enough for muni.

My style of air seat works very well for muni. It’s not overly floppy. It absorbs bumps and acts like a bit of suspension. Yet it still keeps its shape and is firm enough to still give you good control of the muni.

I’m going to experiment and try some KH foam in my Coker seat. Might work better than the old Schwinn foam. A better Coker seat is the Holy Grail.

One problem with my design is that there is no commercial single layer air pillow similar to the one I sewed up. You could try a UDC dog bone style air pillow and sew it in half to make it a single layer air pillow. Should work but I haven’t tried it.

Re: air seat?

I wondered the same thing… until I did it. It’s like sitting on a cloud, where as the KH seat is like sitting on a brick. Your crotch will sing heavenly praises to your new seat when you go for your first ride.

I shaved my KH foam down to about 1/2 it’s orig. thickness (use a bread knife), put a 12" inner tube between the foam and the base, then wrap it with a nice cover. Or some duct tape. Whatever you fancy.

Start with just a little air, then work up from there slowly. Don’t go overboard with the air. Too little air and your tube is useless. Too much air and either you’ll rip your cover or you’ll be bounced off the seat with the first bump you hit. Experiment. Let us know how it goes!

There is an added bonus of the front curve being much more mellow after the conversion, creating much more room up front for the special bits. Incidentally, I don’t experience numbness up front anymore as a result of pressure…

cheers that helps a lot, i should be getting 1 soon

Here are some pictures I took when I made a KH airseat a while ago

Here’s the inside of my home-made costom airsaddle:

opps… forgot to put the pic in… here it is:


Here it is with the costom cover:

airsaddle all.jpg

I drilled a hole in the back for the valve so I can adjust the pressure in my saddle, and I also put on an extender so I could get to it. Here it is:

valve with red circle.jpg

my old saddle was a viscount and wasnt very comfortable, so I fixed it up and it is soooo comfy :smiley: hope yours is too!

thanks, it took a few weeks of no riding though cause I first had to wait for my costom cover to be made for like 75$ (now im broke), and then my innertube sprung a leak cause the guy who made the cover cut it :frowning: so i couldnt ride for about a month, but i can tell ya, it was sooo worth it :smiley:

i have now just made my air seat and it is really cumfy and it doesnt look to bad either have a look here . its called air seat 1/2/3

his looks a bit better as he cut the top bit of foam off in 1 piece and put it back on and it looks a lot better but we thinks my seat is more cumfy. you shouls see the inside it is almost all tape but is is a bitch to get da cover on and off. i thought we were gonna comeover 2 uffculme but alick isnt hereso i couldnt b bothered

Save up and buy a Scott Wallis carbon fiber air seat. Expensive, but 2nd to none.