Air seat question

Will a gemcrest leather seat cover fit fine on a Semcycle steel seat base? Also, what do you think of using a steel base for an airseat?

If I remember correctly, that Semcycle seat base is the same (or similar to) the Viscount seat base. I know people have successfully converted Viscounts to air. Try searching the forum for “Viscount air” and see what falls out.

Viscount Air Seat

What? Did I hear Viscount conversion?! I think there are a few people who have done it. :wink: *hintcoughmecough :smiley:

Want pictures?

How much of a difference in weight is there?

And yes, PICS!

Here is my reply from a Viscount airseat post that came up last month.

And the last sentence should say “and it kinda got done two ways, so if…”