Air Seat Project and Question

I’m turning the HELL SEAT that came on my giraffe into an air seat for all my unis. I’m going to document the experience as well, will post pictures soon. However, I do have one question. You don’t have to have sleeve for the tube to go in, do you? I thought I heard about people just sticking the tube in as long as there is enough room. Please post your thoughts on the subject. Also, has anyone ever had their seat re-apholstered professionally?

The important thing is to make sure there’s nothing in the seat that may puncture the tube. And if there is, I would recommend duct tape to cover it up.

An air pillow (a pillow case for the tube) does several things. It constrains the tube so it stays in the shape of a seat and doesn’t bulge out in weird places. It also protects the tube so it is less likely to get punctured. But even with an air pillow you are going to eventually get punctures due to the tube rubbing against itself.

Even with an air pillow you will want to make sure that all pokey edges inside the seat have duct tape over them, otherwise you’ll get flats. Cover the bolt holes, stiffener plate, pastic ribs, and any other bit inside the seat that is not smooth.

If you don’t want to sew an air pillow you can use an old large sock and some duct tape. Position the inner tube in the sock and then use a little bit of duct tape to wrap around it so it stays in the shape of a seat.

You can check out my air seat gallery for more ideas.