Air seat cover competition

Re: Air seat cover competition

I prefer snug fitting using the Gemcrest leather cover which lasts and works


“yoopers” wrote

> So,
> 1) Which do you prefer, a loosely fitting cover or a snug fitting
> cover?
> 2) Which is the better quality, the Reecycle nylon or the Roach?
> 3) Is the vinyl even worth considering? Seems the first winter would
> put it to rest.

Re: Air seat cover competition

yoopers wrote:

> I need a new cover for my Miyata air seat as my old Roach cover is
> coming apart at the seams.


My Roach cover has been coming apart at the seams as well. I really like
the tall Roach cover, so I’m going to stick with what I’m used to.

My plan is to go to a thrift store and find a cheap leather product
(jacket, purse, etc.) and make a pattern from my ailing Roach cover. I
hope to make an inexpensive leather cover. You might want to give that a
try. I don’t think the sewing will be too difficult. Although, I will
try to pass the job on to my wife. :wink: Shhhhh…



Re: Re: Air seat cover competition


My thoughts exactly. I plan on doing the same thing although I didn’t think of purchasing a used leather good from a thrift store. Good thought. On the other hand, I have a couple deer skins downstairs. Maybe I’ll put together a deerskin leather cover. Wouldn’t that be nice.


Maybe we can get our Aussie contributers to send us some kangaroo leather on the sly.