Air seat conversions

I have just started unicycling and i enjoy it but riding my unicycle is always acompanieid by incredible pain and discomfort. I hear about air seat conversions but found all the stuff n the internet was for Miyata seats or something. I need to know if it is possible to how to convert my cionlli seat and figured this was the right place to ask.

ehh i dont knopw if you can transfer it but theres to find a comfortable seat

I’ve never heard of that seat, but I would sugest getting a Kris Holm fusion seat, they are really comfy, and the cover is removable so you could easily put a gel pad in there(if you wanted)

you can convert cionli seats to air-saddles it would be the same as converting a Viscount seat. The ddifficult bit would be replacing the cover as some cionlis have a metal base so you can only glue them back on, and can’t staple the cover in place while you are waiting for the glue to dry