Air Seat Conversion?

It seems that the most popular air seat conversion is the miyata conversion, Anyway…

The Black Torker’s Saddle has been described as “Miyata Style.” So i was wondering if the very same miyata conversion can be used on that saddle?

Ever since i started distance riding, i realized that i too need an air saddle. I have a torker unistar black and was wondering if that can be converted, or if i need to buy a real miyata seat.


I have both a Miyata air saddle and a KH Velo. The Velo is extremely close to the comfort of an air saddle and doesn’t suffer from the handle tearing issue of the Miyatas. I have a KH Velo because it came with KH24 and I really like it. Depending on the price you might want to get a KH Velo instead.

(Just my two cents…)


Is there a difference in a KH saddle and a KH Velo saddle. Or are we talking about the same puppy here? --chirokid–


We have done two Torker saddle air-seat conversions, it works pretty much the same way as the Miyata (done one of those too). The only thing I don’t like about those Torker saddles is the handles are weak. We’ve ended up replacing them with the ones you can buy on