Air seat conversion

I’m going to try to convert my Bedford seat to an airseat this afternoon. I found to be quite helpful.

How optional is the gel pad? As in, do many people bother with it? Where can I get one inexpensively from?

I should take out all the foam right? That’s what the page suggests, but I recall reading a post on the forum here (a post that got deleted recently) in which someone mentioned something about Darren saying something particular about the foam of an airseat–that there’s a better way of doing something, which I can’t remember.

Any other tips?

No, the gel pad isnt needed! i dont know anyone with one.

THIS might help you. I made it when i made my air saddle.


Re: Air seat conversion

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>but I recall reading a post on the forum here (a post that got deleted
AFAIK, posts on this forum never get deleted. They may move off the
first page, or even off the list of all the pages displayed (default
is last 30 days). But the site will save it indefinitely and the
search function has access to all the posts. Regardless, Google Groups
should have retained it too, and the searching options on Google
Groups are fantastic.

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Well, after buying a big enough drill bit, I “finished” the air seat today. I have mixed reactions about it, so perhaps you guys can advise.

I tried it with, and without the foam in. The biggest thing I noticed with the foam in is that the rubber cover can’t really go on top without horrifially stretching the bits of rubber that hook around the screws at the bottom. Actually, this happens too with the foam out, so I don’t know. It seems as if the Bedford seat is different than the Miyata in that the coating of the seat is not very rigid. Still, I don’t think I can attach it properly without damaging the, err, structural integrity of the cover. Would you guys say that duct tape is a commonly used solution here? Doing so would make it pretty permanent and hard to fine tune.

Which brings me to the next point. Every time I sit on the seat, I hear it squeak a bit as the rubber shifts. Unavoidable? Yes, no? It’d be pretty inconvenient to have to readjust the inner tube every few rides or so.

That having been said, I’m still having a tough time getting the tube to sit evenly without bulging out on one side.

Still, on the whole, it was worth it and an important stepping stone on my path to DIY newbiedom. It feels better than the foam already.

But now, my fingers are itch/hurting like mad thanks to the little cuts I got on the jagged edges of the metal base of the seat :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you’re putting too much air in the tube, this will not only stretch the seat cover but also feel uncomfortable to ride as more air = harder seat.

When I made my first air seat I was really surprised at how little inflation the tube needs.