Air seat! Aaaaaaahhh!

I’d like to thank any/all who may have posted comments recently about using an
innertube as padding for a unicycle seat. I’ve been trying for some time now to
think of ways to make my 24" Miyata’s seat more comfortable; my riding time has
generally been limited more by saddle-soreness than by leg fatigue. I hadn’t
thought of this idea but was eager to try it out when I read it here. So a few
days ago I took the foam pad out of the seat and packed a 26" tube in its place,
arranging it as symmetrically as I could (a smaller tube would have made more
sense but the 26 was what I had). The inflation valve protrudes through a hole
drilled close to the left rear edge of the seat. I tried it out for a short ride
the other day and it made a tremendous difference, although I have now added a
bit more air to the tube. I haven’t had a chance to test it on a longer ride yet
though. If it holds up, it will definitely be a major improvement. I am
interested in any comments that anyone might have on the following questions…

How likely is the tube to burst while I am riding?

Are there any other potential problems should I look out for?

Has anyone ever tried filling the tube with water instead of air? (I
imagine that a burst tube would create a rather more embarassing scene this
way however.)

What other odd or unexpected padding materials have people used successfully?

Thanks again!

Posted by Joe

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