Air Saddles

I am suffering from SNP (severe nut pains) from my stock saddle, i was wandering if an air saddle serves its purpose there. i also wanted to know if the air saddle was just for comfort or if it was also for trials and good easy to control with the extra “spongyness”

I knew from the get-go that I wanted an air saddle, since I first climbed onto a regular saddle, even the KH. What drove me to buy it was the uncomfortable soreness or even numbness I would experience with increasing frequency when I went for longer rides. The airseat is terrific; more room up front now means less chance to ever sit in a painful manner, and minor adjustments are now completely optional. The air suspension allows a more natural spreading of weight amongst the tender nerves of the perineum. In my experience the air saddle lets me sit without getting sore for as long as I care to, very good for muni or commuting. For trials, the KH airseat like mine is probably a bit bulky for holding in one hand. I have heard good things about the Koxx gel saddle, though.

what size is your uni, cuz i thought that with me riding a 20 inch and shifting weight around often it would get to spongy and cause me to not have as much control. also is it heavy or is it “decently weighted” lol

someone else post some stuff in here about air saddles please? save this important thread from extinction

About a year ago I decided to purchase an airsaddle from “Consequences for Life” It cost me $100 but was certainly worth it. I was using a crappy old Savage saddle before so this was a huge upgrade. But I’m so glad I purchased this. If I hadn’t I might not have kept up unicycling. $100 is a lot but I feel it’s worth every penny. I don’t know anything about building my own so this was my only choice.

Now to answer your questions:

Mine’s put on a 20" generic unicycle that I’m trying to put through some tuff trials stuff.

About it getting “spongy” I have not problems. On the bottom I can decided how inflated I want the seat by pumping more air in or letting more out. This customization allows for perfect control.

I would say that it’s a tiny bit heavier but certainly “decently weighted.” You’ll get used to it quick. The weight doesn’t affect me at all. But really, it’s not all that heavier!

I do still get sore but usually only if I ride for more than an hour.

cool i might get one but first i need a better uni than this gravity, i want a torker dx

I just installed my new KH air saddle on my 360 and WOW I can ride for hours with no discomfort!
In a matter of only a few days I forgot how my Torker seat felt on my 24 but I remembered REAL QUICK when I decided to ride my Torker tonight I have an extra gel seat but it wont bolt on to the stock Torker seat post.

After riding the KH air seat I dont want to go back