air saddle

should i get an air saddle for my Qu-Ax muni or is it not worth it

Just make one, its not that hard if you have the right seat and its alot more comfortable.

I think airseat is definitely worth it. I have a KH Fusion Airseat with the udc air pillow, 20" tube, and about 1/2" of the top foam kept to help give it shape and comfort. I didn’t really notice much of any difference at first when coming from the regular foam KH seat to it, but when I tried to go back, oh man. The airseat is wayyy more comfortable, especially if you’re like me and insist on riding in boxer shorts, there is a lot more room up front. I guess I grew accustomed to being in pain on the KH seat, because as soon as I jumped back onto it I was again in ‘crushing’ pain, unless I kept making embarassing adjustments. But ya, airseat all the way :slight_smile:
I can have babies again.
I can MAKE babies. lol