air saddle

will i be able to fit this on my Summit?

it looks like it should fit

That seatpost is a 22.2 mm post i think. And the summit is eithor 27.2 or 25 mm so you would need to get a shim like this…

its just the seat, not the seat post as well

i just dont know if a kh seat attaches to its post and everything the same way torker seats attach to torker posts…i need to attach the torker airseat to the summit post and i dont know if it would work.

No. You would need a new post. Miyata and Torker seats attach to posts with a different bolt pattern than all other seats.

ya i just saw an older thread that was pretty much the same topic i dont think i can find a post for myata seats that would fit to my summit

everything is out of stock…indefinetly, which blows so now what do i do? 22.2 are all out of stock on

It says it comes with a seat post but if it dosent…The only post that is in stock that will fit it is the GB4 universal seat post. It comes in 22.2 and 25.4 If you summit already has a shim in it i think the 25.4 will fit, if not, you can get a shim to make it whatever size you want it.

oops ya it does come with the seat post, so now all i need to get is one of those adapter thinging(shim ur whatever u said)right?
besides it does say gb4 is out of stock. it says the shims only do 25mm to 22.2 mm post kh summit is 27.somthin’

It says the 22.2 mm GB4 is out, so they still have the 25.4mm

If that air seat comes with a 22.2 mm post (you should probally call) you could get this adaptor, get the 27.2 size.

If the air seat dose not come with a seat post you could get the 25.4 GB4 post and one of these or any other 25.4 to 27.2mm shim you can find.

ya like the shim u first showed me

ya the shims i was just talkin about are only 25.0 to 22.2, not 25.4. i think all myatas are 22.2mm

alright so all i need to get is the 27.2mm seat post adapter because it already comes with a seat post.

Get a KH Fusion seat and make an air seat out of that. The KH Fusion will fit on the Summit seatpost you already have. That’s the easiest solution. You don’t have to deal with shims and you don’t have to get a new seatpost.

I have instructions for making an air seat in my Airseat gallery. It’s easy enough to make one yourself. No need to pay extra to have make it for you. And by doing it yourself you can end up with a better seat for your preferences.

If you’re doing trials you may find that an air seat is not the best option for a trials uni. An air seat gives you a bit of a disconnect from the unicycle. You can sacrifice a little bit of hip english control of the unicycle. That kind of control is necessary for riding things like skinnies.

A better solution for trials would be the KH Fusion and cut down the foam so it is less thick and easier to hold seat out front. Or a Koxx-One saddle which is basically a KH seat with the foam already cut down. Later you can convert the KH Fusion to an air seat if you so choose.

One problem with the KH is that you may break the seat stiffener inside the seat. George Barnes is working on making an after market seat stiffener for the KH that will fix that problem. Or you can go whole hog and upgrade to the KH style carbon fiber seat base.

see, i do do trials but i dont ride a lot of skinnies but the reason for the air seat is obviously comfort but also i wanted a seat that dosnt rub my legs when i jump(i get horrible rashes on my inner thy) the air seat does come with a seat post all i have to get is the adapter. it would also save me the work of putting it together, even if it is easy.

What saddle do you have currently?

The KH Fusion saddle has a narrower nose compared to the older KH saddles (non-Fusion). The narrower design is to reduce chafing and leg rubbing.

If you go the air seat route be careful about the type of air pillow you use. If you use an air pillow that is too big, or if you go without an air pillow at all, the air saddle will bulge out as you sit on it making it wider than a foam seat. That is one of the other reasons that I made my air pillow.

The air saddles come with the folded over dogbone style air pillow. I found that style of air pillow to be too bouncy and bulky and floppy. A single layer air pillow with a bit of foam on top is a much better solution and a more comfortable saddle.

I ride a standard (well not really even close…but not airseated) miyata on my trials. It is comfortable, stiff, strong, light, and has a good grip. A nice CF miyata is the perfect trials seat, IMHO.

i have a regular kh seat(non-fusion) and its everything but the nose that is rubbing against my legs. i’m still gunna go with the air seat.