Air Saddle vs. Fusion Saddle

I’m sick of getting rashes on my inner legs, so I’ve decided to upgrade my saddle. I’m riding a 20" Sun, there won’t be any problem with this saddle, right:

Also, I’m wondering what the difference in Fusion vs. an Air Saddle is, is it worth the $40 upgrade? Thanks a lot guys, I want to get this bought tonight so it’ll hopefully ship tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yes and no, I don’t belive the seat will attatch to your post, so you will need to purchase a new seatpost, I’m not sure what the diamater of the seatpost is for a sun but its probably a 22.5 you might want to measure it to see though.

As for the air vs. fusion saddle, the air saddle isn’t really nessecary unless you ride for long periods of time, or if only the best will do. It is much more comfturble, but I ride a regular KH style seat, and i’m fine, I don’t experience any chaffing.

I own an air saddle and I just converted my fusion saddle into an air seat also. I’ve read a few people’s posts who say that you sacrifice control with an air seat. I’m sure that is true to some extent but the air seat is way more comfortable. Way more… and I definitely still feel totally in control of the uni.

Its a pretty easy conversion to make and you can probably do it yourself and save some money if you have a sewing machine and a drill. You have to decide if you want to part with the $40 or if you want to get crafty.

Isn’t the air saddle a converted fusion saddle??..I’d recommend that for max comfort especially for distance riding…
There should be some cream/gel stuff for preventing rashes as well…

I have a 26" sun that I put a KH saddle on it will fit fine I’m sure.


I’m pretty sure the Sun unicycles have the standard 4 bolt seat mount that looks like this. That style of seatpost will fit the KH seats, along with Viscount, Schwinn, Semcycle, and many others. It will fit almost everything except for the Miyata seat and those evil Savage seats.

Go with the KH Fusion seat (the version with the removable seat cover). Ride that and see how it feels. Later you can easily convert the Fusion seat to an air seat if you want. No need to pay extra to have it done for you. More than likely the stock Fusion seat will be just fine and you won’t need to bother with an air conversion.

Another thing you can do with the Fusion seat is fiddle with the shape of the foam. Since the cover is removable you can get at the foam and cut the foam into a different shape or make the foam thinner or anything else that strikes your fancy. There are several people here riding KH Fusion saddles with the foam custom cut for their preferences.

Can we get some pictures posted of this process of customizing the KH Fusion Saddle, and the of outcome?

I’d like to see what it looks like on the inside, and when finished. And especially some good “how-to”.

(Maybe it should be a new thread!)

Even with a comfortable seat, after 40 miles, I get chafed.
Others have turned me on to what we affectionaly call Butt Butter
Also some people prefer Bag Balm or Udder Cream.
This weekend is the 100k IronMan,
almost all the Cokers will have one of these on.

If your getting a rash, I definitely recommend trying something like this.

I don’t have any pictures of such a modification. I don’t even have a KH Fusion saddle yet. However, when I do get a Fusion saddle I’m very likely going to trim a wedge out of the nose of the saddle to make it flatter (less of a “U” shape).

GizmoDuck trimmed the foam down to make the seat less thick. He’s using that seat on his Coker. He’s got pictures of the end result somewhere. Some trials riders have also done the same to make the seat easier to grab and hold for seat out front jumping.

I’d like to see pictures of the inside of a KH Fusion saddle. I’m curious to see how the saddle is put together, how the bolts fit, what the stiffener plate looks like, etc.

i had a fusion seat for about 3 days before i ended up trading it off.

i didnt take pic’s but i opened it up a little. the foam is white and is lightly kept on the base with some sort of double sided tape. the stiffner plate looked the same as the others ive seen taken apart. the bolts go threw it like a miyata plate so i dont think there will be any “spinning” problems. most notibly was the rear bumper bolts, they are sunk into a hexagnal slot that holds the bolt head very nicly. no spinning probs there either.

other than those obsevations, it felt just the same in weight and stiffness to both my Torker DX seats.

Cool, thanks for the advice guys. I’m really tempted to go with the air saddle, simply because this is a birthday present. If I’m not paying the difference, would it be worth it to upgrade to an air saddle, or is that not a good idea, because I read somewhere that you lose some control.

Replying because I can’t edit, but I ended up with just the Fusion saddle, I’m most interested in trials, and, after doing some research, it seems that air saddles can pop, especially after long falls. I’ll try cutting out some foam, maybe, or even making my own air saddle. Cool :slight_smile:

good choice, you can always mod it later. i personaly like the foam better. that was the surprise of 05. :o