Air saddle troubles

I have a XL leather air Miyata on my MUni, and it is really comfy. I can spend ages riding my MUni, on Muni type terrain.
Last weekend though, I was riding on a charity ride, which was 4 lots of 3miles. Total… 12mile.

Doing 12mile on my MUni normaly would not have been a problem, but on that ride I was SO sore!

I tried ajusting the presure in my saddle, but it was always hurting.

Sometimes it would be too soft, and i would be sitting on the base, and other times it would be too hard, and was like sitting on a brick. Sometimes i would think i got it just right, but when sitting on it, the air would compress a bit, and then it was really hard.

I dont know weather this was just because i was riding on road, and was not moving around so much, as i would be on a trail.


Re: Air saddle troubles

I think that’s exactly why. In road riding, you don’t have obstacles to deal with, so you just sit there and pedal, more or less. There’s lots less reason to move around, so you’ll notice your crotch calling attention to itself much quicker than on a trail. Lean on the handle to take some of your weight off, and try to shift positions frequently.

I’ve experienced the opposite i.e. done loads of long rides on streets with no discomfort, but trails has made me sore cos of all the moving around on the seat.

Partly I think this is cos I’ve recently upped the intensity of the off road stuff, and partly cos I’ve spent so much time riding on pavement for hours that I just get a relaxed comfy posture.

My off road soreness is mainly chaffing, probably caused by gripping the seat too tight.

Joe- I’ve also had it happen that a airseat which is normally comfy suddenly starts to hurt and I end up deflating it a bit, then putting more air in and never seeming to get it right.

Re: Re: Air saddle troubles

If I have to do an easy ride on a muni, I’ll hop up and down the curb and mess around doing stuff, or practice rolling hops, which probably helps in this sort of situation.


Thanks guys.

Yes. It must have just been riding on the straight and narrow for so long!

Mine you, when I play hockey, i just a standard Miyata on my NimbusII. It is really sore when i ride it normaly, but when i play hockey it is fine! Again, it must just be 'coz i am moving around in the saddle more…

Thanks again,