Air saddle for Coker V2

I’m going to be doing a ton of long distance riding soon, and I would absolutely love to be able to have an air saddle on the coker. Does anyone know where I can get one for the Coker V2? Or tips on making my own?

Thanks in advance!!

an air saddle may not be the best option, many people have found that after 5 minutes, they are unbearable to ride on.

A lot of people are heading to the thinner, harder saddles for long distance so that they support in the right areas and don’t rub the wrong places cough cough or bunch up and create pressure where it isn’t wanted.

The fusion street, the qu ax air saddle (which has no air pocket. . . I don’t know why they call it that) and the addict saddle are all really good long distance choices. If you want to try an air saddle, make one, and try some different mods before giving up, such as different configurations of the tube, and different sized tubes, as well as different pressures, and maybe even an additional padding system with the tube. Everybody will have their own opinions here.

To start off, I would get a nimbus gel and a saddle cover for it, maaaybe the air pocket that UDC sells as well, if you want to try it. The cheapest option is to make one by destroying a saddle : )

Air saddles are kinda fussy

I have a KH air. 80$, and not good unless you take it apart. Duck tape the tubes and tape a 1/2 strip of closed foam over that, then reinstall the drawstring seat. It’s a 2 person job, one to hold the tubes in place, another to tape. Makes for a great seat, with a muni advantage in shock absorption. Heavy, tad expensive, and fussy. I had to retape mine after about 1000 miles as it grows misshapen, and the foam goes flat. Stock, the KH air sucks, squirmy and pushing up in the nads, unless it’s to hard and that sucks to.

That said, I have a KH freeride seat on my 36. It’s narrower than the modded air seat, and maybe more comfortable as it rubs less. Try a free ride first. Fuss free, light and comfortable, the freeride is what you should try for max comfort, then maybe try an air model later if you like to fuss with stuff. The air seats aren’t really top of the line anymore. Most riders would be happier with a freeride.

Thanks for your replies!

I’ll check out those saddles and compare :slight_smile:

Would these be able to fit on a Coker? That’s my main concern…

The Coker saddle is essentially the same as the Nimbus Hi-Top, or the old KH Fusion. So, yes they will fit.

I have an old KH Fusion that I cut an inch wide channel through the middle, and it made it immediately more comfortable. If you are planning on replacing your saddle anyway you might want to consider re-shaping the foam on your current saddle.

I am also experimenting with some microcell. I need to spend more time shaping it and so for now I’m back to my original foam with the groove cut out of the middle. My first couple of rides with the microcell are promising though, and with a little more work I’m sure that it will be a nice replacement for long rides. Plus, it’s much lighter than the original foam.

Thanks, so does this mean that a Kris Holm Freeride would work? Another issue is that I have the coker pi bar handlebars and the brake setup. It’d have to fit for that as well…

this is my first time doing anything with “non-stock” saddles, so it’s very confusing :slight_smile:

most saddles nowandays are pretty standard. As long as the pi bar fits your seatpost, you’re fine. And seeing as you’ve got the coker frame : P that’s no issue. A KH freeride would work fine, if you were super worried about it, just order a nimbus nightrider seatpost with the seat for cheap, they fit too, just make sure the diameter matches up to your frame’s seatpost diameter. 25.4 I think??

The Coker saddle uses the old KH seat base. When I said that it is essentially the same what I meant was that the tag on the saddle says Coker instead of Kris Holm. The new Freeride fits the same seatposts as all of the KH seats that have been made, so yes it will fit.

I have a Pi-Bar on my Coker with my Fusion, and the brake lever. I can only assume that if you have this setup working now, that it will continue to work with the updated saddle. The lift handle mount on the front of the KH saddles didn’t change when they released the new seatbase this year, and so the Coker lever mount will go right on. The new base uses allen head bolts instead of nuts to hold everything in place. I don’t know if you will need longer bolts to attach the lever mount, but if you do they should be available at any hardware store.