Air saddle conversion (on the cheap)

After riding my Muni with the saddle from my Coker today, I decided it was time to do something about the saddle.
I figured I’d like to try an air saddle, so I did this quick conversion:
I used a 12" tube and inflated it slightly then positioned it on the saddle and started wrapping duct tape around the tube and saddle to hold it in place.
Next, I took a thick “over the calf sock” and pulled it over the front of the saddle until it reached the seat post.
At this point, I split the sock and (using a curved needle) sewed the sock back together and where it would not stretch far enough to be sewn together, I simply sewed it to the duct tape.

air saddle.jpg

At the rear, I made a small hole to access the valve stem, then folded the sock forward and cut a hole in it to slip over the seat post

air saddle rear.jpg

To complete the task, I sewed the front of the sock to the bottom in front of the seatpost. I rode the completed project around the block and it was much more comfortable

air saddle bottom front.jpg


Great idea, it looks comfy!


What saddle did you start with on the muni and convert to an air seat? What saddle do you have on your Coker?

Excellent color choice. Very cool conversion. I like the way you presented the steps with a sequence of photos. This would be a good gallery entry.

The Muni came with a Miyata, the saddle that came on the Coker resembles a Viscount (it is narrower in the middle and at the front).
I converted the Coker saddle. I guess my next project will be fabricating a handle for the front of it. I’ll probably build an extension directly off of the seat tube and fit a “stubby” bar end onto it so that the saddle itself won’t take any stress

good job, whatever works right !!
Always getting ideas from you guys, thanks.

re: cheap air seats

Seat looks great. I’m lazier than you, though. I stopped after the part about duct taping the tube in place. Me and my five kids all have this cheap and easy air seat conversion. Duct tape comes in many attractive colors and is easy to replace. My favorite has a 20" tube folded to make four rows of rubber. Secure the tape under your edges (rather than winding it all the way around) so that you keep access to your hand-holds. Even my KH seats seem uncomfortable after riding these guys.

I took the MUni out for about a 1 1/2 mile ride after work today before the Sun disappeared, air saddles are definately the way to go.
Elmer, I agree with you on the problem with losing the hand-holds. I’m going to disassemble the cover tonight and try something different

thanks ken!

 i was looking into getting a custom made cover, but i saw this and made it right away.      another good idea would be to put a shower cap on it or something so it dosn't get completely soaked while riding in the rain

                    thanks a lot, Ev, Mevs, Brownie, Evan

I’m off to the local cycle shop tomorrow (hopefully) to get myself a nice inner tube. Anyone got preferences on how they like to fold the inner tubes (I’ve seen 2 version can only remember the one and I wouldnt mind trying different ones.

Anyway, wish me luck, lol. Ima need it I’m not great at this soughta stuff.

I just tried a version of this with 2 normal socks instead of a football sock. It works, but you have to stretch the sock a bit much, so I put 2 layers on (what are you gonna do with the other sock anyway?)
This also uses a fake viscount, and it’s got a 12" tube which basically does a lap of the seat. It leaves a gap in the middle at the back, but that hasn’t been a problem so far.
I found to hold it on that a normal shoe lace could be pushed through the sock, like sewing but with no needle needed. I did that around the sides of the slit needed to get the sock past the seat tube, and along the top of the sock (back of the seat, and it works like a draw string.
Seem’s comfy so far, cheers for the idea. Also got the handle problems, coz it’s on my trials uni at the moment, but I think I’ll get a kinport handle and try and sort it that way. Need a drill too though…

There is a picture of my inner tube folding pattern in my air seat gallery. I don’t know how well my inner tube folding pattern will work for the air seat design you’re working on. There’s more than one way to do these sorts of things so use what works for you.

    hey John, What i did was cut the socks into a V-shape at the opening this way was a lot easier. I put 2 layers, one sock i slipped on the other i cut both ends of the sock so it's like a tube. I put it on and stiched it up.

     ssssssooooooooooooo comphy:D

Thanks john, yours looks more comfortable personally to me than’s but I’d still like to see some others :stuck_out_tongue: . I tell you though, if I get a 16" Inner Tube I’ll use yours. My local bike shop isn’t big and I’m not sure they’ll have 12", seems kinda small…

I’m glad to see so many people trying my simple approach. I designed a more stable and even MORE comfortable version of this design that looks much better. It is a little more labor-intensive though. You can find it here:

i think my air seat is way better and much better looking with out obstructing the handle!

I don’t think I did mine fantastically and the sock is stretching a bit in some places and pulling the valve upwards (and into my arse). Oh yeah also, 16" didn’t work the way I hoped and my friend bought a 12" and that still seems to be quite big. I’m gonna enquire about a 10". Could someone tell me if there are any companies that have made a 10" or is it just something that hasn’t been made.

Anyway, I’m looking into some better options and I might post on this again later.

i forgot the pic

2airseat.jpg (78.8 KB)